Galicia will invest 6.5 million in vaccines


The Xunta de Galicia will organize a investment of 6.5 million euros to contract the successive supply of vaccines against shingles and meningitis B from the age of two months. This was announced by the president of the Xunta, Alphonse Rueda, in a press conference after the meeting of the Galician government, which recalled that the Xunta was going to incorporate three new vaccines into the children’s calendar. One of them, that of meningitis B, which until now was only funded for risk groups of all ages. “Including this vaccine in children’s schedules is essential for equity and so that every child can be vaccinated and prevent serious diseases”Underlined wheel. The forecast, according to the Galician president, is that 14,700 boys and girls will receive this bulb ”From November”.

It is expected that from November around 14,700 boys and girls will receive the meningitis B vaccine in Galicia

Likewise, Rueda pointed out that at the end of the year two new vaccines will be introduced for the underage population: the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine for all 12-year-old boys, and the quadrivalent flu vaccine for minors between six months. and 5 years. In this regard, he stated that “Galicia will be the community with the most complete childhood vaccination schedule in Spain”.

With the authorization to purchase these vaccines, innovations will be introduced in the Galician vaccination program, expanding its target population groups.

Thus, the calendar includes vaccination against Meningitis B from the age of two months. The high coverage in Galicia is achieved through private funding from parents. However, equity of access to this vaccine will now be guaranteed. Meningococcus B can cause serious infections such as meningitis and generalized sepsis, with serious sequelae. Moreover, it can even lead to death, which is why vaccination is recommended.

For the shingles vaccine, its indication is extended to people over 18 with HIV, hematological malignancies or solid tumors undergoing chemotherapy. Until now, only people over the age of 18 with autologous transplants, solid organ transplants and anti-JAK drug treatments were the recipients. Thus, Rueda announced that the number of people who will receive this vaccine could increase from 1,500 to 15,000 people. Similarly, it is planned to start with the administration “From November”. This action is part of the commitment of the Xunta de Galicia to complete the protection of the main groups at risk agreed in the national strategy approved by the Cisns Public Health Commission.

Galicia extends shingles vaccination to people over 18 with HIV, malignant blood diseases or solid tumors

Currently, all the Autonomous Communities have already started vaccinating immunocompromised patients against shingles. Only Madrid and Asturias have started vaccinating people over 65. Others like Catalonia and Castile and León have also announced their intention to vaccinate the elderly.

Shingles is a disease with low mortality, but very common, especially in people over 50 years of age. Moreover, its incidence increases dramatically with the presence of immunosuppression and certain risk conditions. Its complications can lead to disability and reduced quality of life, constituting a significant health problem.

The General Directorate of Public Health plans to approve, from mid-September, a new vaccination schedule that will include new additions. It is estimated that by November 1, the implementation of these new actions will become effective.

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