Final Survivors 2022: Who were the winners of all editions?

Survivors is one of the most broadcast competitions on television in Spain. This product, one of the great stars of Telecinco, debuted in the year 2000, and has come a long way. Changes of name, channel… There have been many changes to one of the formats that has marked the history of our country, which is now facing the end of one of the most intense editions.

Con presenters such as Juanma López Iturriaga, Paula Vázquez or Jorge Javier Vázquezthis format, which has known several denominations throughout its history, has seen different profiles prevail. From a ski instructor in Girona to Olga Morenothe current champion, the program has had the most varied winners.

In the first editions, it was a competition exclusively composed of anonymous people, until 2003, when the channel was changed to Antena 3 and the name of “reality” became “La Isla de los Famosos”. ‘The Jungle of FamoSOS’, ‘Adventure in Africa’… are some of the names of this product, which has been renamed ‘Survivors’. In 2006 it returned to Mediaset’s flagship network and has not changed its name since.

Of course, there were changes in his “surname”. Since I came back to Telecinco, has always been accompanied by ‘Honduras’, except in 2005 and 2010, when it was renamed ‘El Caribe’ and ‘Nicaragua’. All of this was produced by the venues where the competition took place.

Who were the winners of all editions?

In almost 20 years of program (Remember that during the 2002, 2012 and 2013 editions, it was not possible to celebrate), “Survivors” came to be played in the midst of a pandemic, being one of the few contests held under these conditions.

In fact, in the 2020 edition, the year the COVID-19 disease broke out, when the contestants left for the island, they knew nothing. In fact, they had to find out in full competition what was happening outsidebeing one of the worst situations the format has faced in its entire history.

‘Survivors’ had winners of all kinds. From anonymous candidates, as in its first editions, to consecrated “celebrities”, as is the case with Rosa Benito or Sofia Suescúnpassing for athletes, like Maite Zúñiga. If there is something that characterizes this program, it is because of the wide variety of candidates who have faced the difficult tests that make it up.

These have been the winners of “Survivors” over time:

editing Winner
2000 Xavier Monjonel
2001 Freddy Cortine
2003 Daniela Cardon
2003 (The Island of Famous SOS 2) Philip Lopez
2004 Jose Antonio Canals Rivera
2005 Victor Janier
2006 Carmen Russo
2007 Nil Manrique
2008 Miriam Sanchez
2009 Hello Zuniga
2010 Maria Jose Fernandez
2011 benedictine rose
2014 Abraham Garcia
2015 Christopher Mateo
2016 Jorge Diaz
2017 Joseph Louis Sosa
2018 Sofia Suescun
2019 Omar Montes
2020 Jorge Perez
2021 Olga Moreno

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