EVGA launches a curious PC chassis that literally leaves the components suspended in the air

If you’re in your twenties, you might remember that PC cases weren’t usually made for show. The ideal place to put them was under the desk, out of sight of anyone entering the room. Now, however, the weather has changed. The increasingly sophisticated designs invite us to give them almost the same importance as the monitor and the other computer components at hand.

In the current market, although it is always possible to mount a more traditional configuration, it is common to find cases with semi-transparent parts that allow us to see the components of our computer, which can also be adorned with RGB almost everywhere. As if that weren’t enough, video card maker EVGA wanted to take the open PC concept to the next level with a package that leaves the material suspended in the air.

EVGA E1, a chassis over $1,500

As we can see in the video, the main difference between the EVGA E1 and the rest of the computer cases is that the first does not have a box. The components are literally suspended in the air by a system of steel cables that hold them in place. In addition, this proposal has a 3K Plain Weave carbon fiber frame, which is responsible for supporting the suspended structure, and other mesh-like supports to place the video cards, presumably EVGA.

Another feature that we can find in the EVGA E1 is three analog temperature gauges, a feature that supports this flashy PC concept. However, not all are advantages. Having this type of chassis can be a good alternative to display the components of our PC and replace them quickly without much work, although we would leave them more exposed to dust and some contact with the hands that could damage them.

Evga E1 35

Evga E1 4

The EVGA E1, in its various configurations, It can already be purchased on the company page. The base kit costs $1,600 and only includes the frame with the analog gauges. The next level is offered at $3,700 and comes with the frame, a video card RTX-3090Ti and a 1600 W power supply. The more ambitious alternative, called EVGA E1 BARE OS, in addition to those mentioned, includes an MB Z690 DARK motherboard, a 52u PowerLink adapter for the RTX 3090 Ti and a premium case. All for $5,000.

EVGA describes its product as exclusive for taking configuration to the next level. However, if the latter option is chosen, owners will still need to purchase components such as the processor, RAM, and storage units separately. Of course, either way, they’ll have access to EVGA software that lets them monitor component temperatures from Windows and control system RGB lighting.

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