Everything we know about GTA VI

gThanks to a recent report by Bloombergthe flames around the franchise’s long-awaited new installment Grand Theft Auto they resurrected. But, shortly after the information on the new protagonist has been made public, more details have come to us regarding the sixth entry in the main line of GTA games.

Here’s everything we know about this game, which is still in development:

In which city will GTA VI take place?

Originally, the project was extremely ambitious. under the code name Americas Project, parts of Central America, as well as South America, were to be included on the map. However, this first idea was abandoned and instead it was decided to keep everything in the United States, more precisely in the fictional city city ​​of viceinspired by MiamiFlorida, a site that has not been fully revisited since GTA Vice City. In addition to the city, the suburbs and the area around the metropolis will be included on the map.

How big will the GTA VI map be?

Although Project Americas assumes a large scale when it comes to the map, GTA VI not far behind. On this occasion, rock star speaks of a significant increase in the number of interiors, which will transform a city of inaccessible buildings into a space with greater freedom of movement. According to the report, it will be larger than the maps of previous GTAs.

Not only that, but they plan to update the game constantly, with more cities. This will be done after launch, to avoid the bite labor in the months close to the date of sale. This way, an already large map could become even more massive. And from what we’ve seen over the past decade, Rockstar keeps its games going with consistent, substantial updates.

When will GTA VI be released?

The real million dollar question. According to source Bloomberg, the game will be released in fiscal year 2024 from take two, the parent company of Rockstar Games. This means that a time-to-market window is expected that ranges from April 2023 to March 2024.

GTA VI stop having dark humor and offensive jokes?

In this regard, Rockstar assures that there has been a change within the company. In large part, it sought to “turn a college fraternity house into an adult business”. Significant changes in the standard of living of workers, to reduce stress at work, practices against workers and possible situations of harassment, as other studies have faced. This, of course, also permeates the games. Removing transphobic jokes in newer versions of GTA was just the start, as Rockstar no longer aims to “take down”. In other words, their intention is not to mock vulnerable groups or perpetuate stereotypes.

That, of course, doesn’t mean it changes the tone or intent of the humor that made the franchise’s games great. GTA is, and always has been, a scathing satire of American culture, consumerism, media, politics, celebrities and the cult of personality. This, of course, framed in a game about criminal activity. And that, in essence, remains GTA.

Another instance where this change is visible is in an update to GTA online which had to be cancelled. That mode was going to be Cops and Robbers, based on the concept of the original GTA. However, it had to be canned, due to the events surrounding the arrest and murder of George Floyd, which brought racial and policing issues into the headlines, into people’s consciousness and into public scrutiny. Maybe it wasn’t the best time for it to be played as police officers shooting robbers.

The new protagonist of GTA VI

  • The protagonist is part of a do, inspired by the legendary bandit pair, Bonnie & Clyde
  • be latina
  • Be one of the two main characters

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