Discover the new signatures that will revolutionize the eleventh season of ‘Amar es para siempre’

Currently immersed in the final phase of its tenth episode, ‘love is forever‘ is already preparing the filming of its new season, which will be broadcast next September.

From then on, viewers will be able to enjoy renewed storylines, new settings, an increase in exterior locations, new characters, and great additions to its cast of actors, which will further enrich the universe of the series in its eagerness. to reinvent itself year after year. .

Melani Olivares, Jorge Bosch, Adriana Ubani, Daniel Cabrera, Ander Azurmendi, Paula Iwasaki, Carlos Serrano-Clarck, Antonio Durán ‘Morris’, Adelfa Calvo, Daniel Muriel, Pepa Rus and Toni Sevilla make up list of add-ons for this new season.

Fiction will continue to rely on veteran characters starring Itziar Miranda, Manuel Baqueiro, Jose Antonio Sayagues, Anabel Alonso, Iñaki Miramon, Angels Martin, Sebas Fernandez, Luz Valdenebro and Andoni Ferreño, who reenters fiction to revive Lorenzo Bravo as a fixed character during the season. . . .

Eleventh season news

The series begins in September 1981. Nieves Sanabria (Melani Olivares), cousin of manolitaarrives in Madrid from Miami with her husband Ricardo (Jorge Bosch) and his daughter Andrea (Adrien Oubani).

The two cousins ​​are going to set up a business: Sanabria Supermarkets, an idyllic setting that will bring to light the darker side of Nieves when she discovers that her daughter Andrea is implicated in a murder. Nieves will do everything in his power for the evidence to point ciriaco (Daniel Cabrera), Manolita’s son, while the unconscious Manolita seeks solace from her cousin.

Another new business will also open in Plaza de los Frutos, Warrior PharmacyDirected by Mrs. Paz (Adelfa Calvo), an armed woman who arrives to start from scratch with her son Hugo (Daniel Muriel) and forget a troubled past. The young Dew (Pepa Rus) will be the pivot of their lives with his joy and his ingenuity.

Mary Barros, Oak(Paula Iwasaki) will continue to investigate her father’s disappearance as she does not believe the commissioner’s accusations lujan (Antonio Duran ‘Morris’). He will create a detective agency from which he will follow the trail of small cases with the help of George Reyes (Carlos Serrano-Clark). Carballo will fall into his nets of seduction without suspecting that this young man hides a more sinister objective.

Christina there Quintero will hire Rodrigue Sancho (Toni Sevilla), a lawyer who will give them a hand in the firm and bring them closer to the political world.

In the neighborhood, Everybody will have to deal with a medical problem, while that of the King will pass through the hands of the already well-known actor Lawrence Bravo (Andoni Ferreño), which will begin to open the place to a place of atmosphere and which the neighbors will begin to call the Queen’s.

Ten unforgettable seasons

“Amar es para siempre” is already one of the most emblematic products of Spanish television and, in its almost ten years of existence, it continues to write a successful script every day.

Practically the whole population knows it, since it has more than 40 million contacts, which means that nine out of ten Spaniards have seen the series at some point.

After more than 2,400 episodes since its creation, the tenth season of fiction has gathered an average of 1.2 million viewers each afternoon. reaching 12.3%its best quota of the last three years.

The episodes of ‘Amar es para siempre’ can be seen a week before they are broadcast on television in ATREplayer PREMIUMAtresmedia’s payment platform.

Produced by ATRESMEDIA TELEVISION in collaboration with Diagonal (Banijay Iberia), “Love is Eternal” has Montse García (Atresmedia TV), Jaume Banacolocha, Jordi Frades and Eduardo Casanova (Diagonal) as executive producers.

The fiction directed by Eduardo Casanova has Verónica Viñé as script plot director, Beatriz Duque as summary coordinator and Ángel Agudo as dialogue coordinator. Production direction is provided by Nuria Hernàndez and Marta Creus.

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