Denis Suarez responds to Mourinho

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“It’s been several months since he threatened me: ‘I’ll make sure Balaídos whistles at you’. It’s time to respond,” said the Galician player.

The midfielder insists that ‘my dream is none other than to continue wearing the Celta shirt’

Denis Suarez replied to carlos mourino after the Celta president slammed the player this morning. Mourino accused the midfielder of betraying the club and assured that he would not leave for free under any circumstances.

Suarez He was also very harsh and forceful in his response: ” It’s been several months since you threatened me that : I’ll make sure Balaídos beeps for you. It’s time to respond.”

The player also insists he wants to continue in the sky blue team: “My dream is none other than to continue wearing the Celta shirt.” Notice that contrasts with the general manager of the club, who is doing everything possible to get the team to leave.

Denis Suárez responded on his Twitter account to all of Mouriño’s accusations:

“I have the contract that Celta offered me and which I fulfilled to the letter and with the love I have had for this club since I was a child. A contract, moreover, which I respect confidentiality”.

“I have never sold a player from Celta or any other team. I invite you to demonstrate this importance with the relevant documents, as well as the income from the money you are talking about.”

“Beyond that, it was Celta themselves who recognized that everything is wrong. You have to know our agreement because the internal regulations levy very serious sanctions (including dismissal without fault) for players who act against the interests of the club (continue)”.

“I have never received such an offer from Celta. I invite you again to publicly show the document of this offer and my refusal… There is none”.

“I won’t say the name of the club out of respect, but the money problem was not on my part and it was on this team who had to sell due to a salary limit problem. I couldn’t undertake no operation however cheap it was”.

“To close the question of the offers, of the other two that the president cites: I brought one and there was no agreement on either side and I have no record of the other.”

About the training: “This is a subject on which I cannot say more since I am at the labor inspectorate, but the words of the president and the images speak for themselves.”

“You have heard me offer solutions without any agency involved at the club to fix everything and be able to fulfill my dream, which is none other than to wear the Celta shirt. It still is.”

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