Concha Velasco’s son reveals how he is doing six months after entering a residence

VSOncha Velasco She has been hospitalized for six months. retirement home. It was last January that the iconic actress decided to leave her Madrid apartment and confide in professionals capable of taking care of her and meeting her needs 24 hours a day.

However, during all this time the woman from Valladolid was not alone, but had the unconditional support of their two children, who come to visit him whenever they can. This was revealed by Manuel last Monday while he was walking near his house.

And it is that, although on this occasion the son of the so-called Chica you you He wasn’t in charge of revealing too many details about his mother’s condition, nor how he spends his days in the residence, the director was kind enough to confirm the state of health of his mother: “It’s fine, thank you very much”, he confessed. Manuel also acknowledged how happy and excited his mother was after the very special visit she received last week.

It’s only been a few days since Isabelle Diaz Ayuso he moved to the residence where he is Shell Velasco grant one of his greatest wishes. The woman from Valladolid really wanted to meet her and she, far from wanting to truncate her great illusion, went to meet her as soon as she received the unexpected request.

As reported in the newspaper The world, the president of the Community and the actress chatted animatedly for about an hour and a half, taking the opportunity to stroll through the spacious and well-kept gardens of the senior center. The complicity between the two was such and the pleasure they had, that the politician immediately turned to her social networks to share a photo of this special day with her more than 400,000 followers.

“Shell: we love you”, The president wrote alongside a snapshot in which the two appeared posing for the camera smiling, sitting on a bench and holding hands. A publication that did not lack love let alone comments from familiar faces of the stature of Ana Obregon, Andrea Levy, Cristina Cifuentes oh Thomas Paramo. “Shell is a great. Good couple,” the biologist wrote. “Two big ones,” the friend noted. influencer of Victory of Marichalar.

However, this was not the only visit that the interpreter of Maria’s room since he decided to enter a residence. To his children and other relatives such as his niece, Manuela Velasco, various personalities joined such as Marilo Montero, Pedro Ruiz oh Ana Belenamong others.

Everything seems to indicate that since she decided to settle in this specialized center, the singer lives much more peacefully than before, since she now has a team of professionals who are 24 hours a day waiting for it and health issues that have dragged on for several months. However, that doesn’t stop her from having fun plans with her kids, whether it’s walking around her new home, eating out at nearby restaurants, or making sporadic visits to the theatre, her great passion.

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