Civivox fills Pamplona with activities: here is the complete program

The Civivox red has planned for August a series of activities focused on music, cinema and theatercon free shows and suitable for all audiences. Moreover, the families They will have their own space in the Courtyard of Ezpeleta Palace, where boys and girls can enjoy the afternoons accompanied by their families. For some activities it is necessary to pre-registration. All the programming is detailed in

The first of the programmed cycles is Enclaveswhich brings music of different styles to venues around the city such as the Mendillorri Lakethe point of view of White horsethe park of Trinitariansthe gazebo in the park Yamaguchi where to castle tower. All the concerts, free and with free admission while seats last, are scheduled 20.00 hours. In them you can enjoy groups Brick Paco, Diabulus in music, Cold Jane and Edu Errea Band.

Another musical proposal for all audiences is the cycle version managementat 20.00 hours on the place of Saint Josephcon free admission and free until full capacity. The groups Rock Classical Trio, Free Lane, JZ&Outlanders and Buffalo River Band They will offer their versions of popular soul, rock and roll and R&B songs, among others.

The family audience has its reserved space in the courtyard of the Ezpeleta Palace. The bone tuesday in augustat 7.00 p.m. and with Free admission, the theater is the protagonist. The group screaming clown with the divertimento ‘Gabe’ he opens the cycle street artand take over The Chivata Theater with his comedy ‘Kross-Mic. Crazy stories’. Zirika Zirkus will represent the ups and downs of the nomadic theater-circus company ‘Hemendikara’ and will close this cycle Tiritirantes, with the comedy, circus and magic show ‘At your service’.

The bone Wednesdayalso to 7.00 p.m. and with Free admissionthe court of Ezpeleta embraces multiple sounds and harmonies, in ‘Breathing family music‘. Captain Corchea will be the first to share his music with various characters in his show “La Contraria”. It will be followed by puppets with ‘Rhythms of animals’, by Fábrica de Paraules in collaboration with Arena in the pockets. Txirri, Mirri and Txiribito will perform their play ‘Zoro Gaitezen’, which includes, in addition to some pranks, traditional songs of the group, like “Paristik nator” or “Altza Felipe”. The last proposal, by Reusonic Trio Orchestratry reduce the ecological footprint with a show of sensitization dedicated to the ecosystem of the sea and based on world music sounds.

The bone Thursday August 4 and 11the court of Ezpeleta combines workshops and shows. In the circus workshop Prospero Teatro (for groups of 10 children between 5 and 10 years old, in the company of an adult), families will discover the world of the circus through exercises in coordination, concentration, collective creation and dissociation. Later, they will be able to enjoy as an audience or as artists, To display ‘Kapikua Circus’, finally 20 hours, free and with free entry. The family circus workshop, at 6:30 is free but requires pre-registration. The another workshop He is puppetsalso to 6:30 p.m.for children from 3 to 8 years old, accompanied by an adult, and is used to build the characters who will appear later in the puppet show ‘Puss in Boots’, at 7:30 p.m. Admission to this workshop is free. first come, first served.

The offer of Ezpeleta Palace the full Jokai on monday august 8 with ‘Larun’, an installation of diy games inspired by Basque mythology, aimed at two audiences: people between 3 and 99 years old, in Espace Larun; Yes children from 0 to 3 years old, in the Montessori Space, where they have equipment designed exclusively for experimentation and sensory manipulation. The entrance is free and free. For the creative space ‘Aldea India’, the thursday 18are offered 30 free slots for children over 6 years old, with pre-registration. It is a cyanotype workshop in which sunlight is used to print designs. The Ak-Kaligramak and Art Cinco collective also offers the monday 22another creative space: the ‘Bubble Universe’, a circuit to experiment with burbugraphy for families from 5 years old. In this space, the entrance is free and free until full capacity.

with the month of Augustthe program ‘movie nights’ go back to town. The working days of August 1 to 29at 22.00 hours and with FREE ENTRANCEwill be projected 20 movies in ten spaces: the Echavacoiz Parkthe Paseo de Buztinxuri, the park of Yamaguchi in San Juan, the park of the Lake in Mendillorrithe court of Ezpeleta Palace in the Historical Centerthe square of Arriurdiñeta of the Chantreethe place of Doctor Gortari in Saint Georgethe Alfredo Floristán square in the miraculousthe park in love with Rochapea and the boulevard of Iturrama. Films are shown on castellanosalvo four what are they in Basquewith Spanish subtitles.


Cycling enclaves. From July 29 to August 26. Mendillorri Lake, White Horse, Trinitarios Park, Yamaguchi Park, Vuelta del Castillo. 20 hours. Free and with free entry.

Release management cycle. From August 1 to 29. San Jose Square, 20.00 hours. Free and with free entry.

street art, Breathing Family Music, workshops with shows, games and creative spaces. courtyard of the Ezpeleta Palace (family audience). Freesome activities require pre-registration.

movie nights. From August 1 to 29. 22.00 hours. FREE ENTRANCE. 20 films in 10 districts.

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