Bertín Osborne stops ‘El Hormiguero’ to reveal the message he sends every morning to Carlos Herrera – Television

Summer is a great opportunity to remember the best moments that the season has left us. On this occasion, we look back a few months, to relive Bertín Osborne’s visit to ‘El Hormiguero’, during which he confessed the message he sends to Carlos Herrera every morning.

The artist and television presenter Bertín Osborne was the guest of Paul Motorcycles in October, when he went on the set of ‘the anthill‘. The singer visited the Atresmedia program to celebrate his 40 years of musical career. During his time with Motos, Osborne reviewed different aspects of his professional career and also had time to talk about some aspects of his personal life.

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In this sense, Bertín Osborne has pointed out that in this work his followers will be able to find in his home compositions that he has made during the pandemic. In this regard, the artist noted that he had not composed since before starting with the rancheras: “There are eight unreleased songs that I worked on during the pandemic. I had not composed since before the rancheras. In the past, since I traveled a lot in America, I put on the headphones and wrote the records on airplanes. Now I haven’t been there for two years, so I’m doing it at home.”

Bertín Osborne and Pablo Motorcycles in El Hormiguero

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