Azcón obtains the approval of the plenary session to promote the new stadium of La Romareda

The future football field has clarified one of its unknowns. After three failed projects, Zaragoza will boost a new stadium on the site of the current one. The support was not unanimous but it was broad, with the votes in favor of PP, Cs, Vox and Podemos -which had abstained in the commission-. There were no votes against, only abstentions from the PSOE and the ZEC, who criticized the need to specify the project, its financing and its viability as a venue for the World Cup.

Despite the result of the vote and the broad support obtained in the process of citizen participation for drive the future field to its current locationthe atmosphere was somewhat tense, because the decision of the DGA to reject that the councilor for town planning, Víctor Serranoto be the interlocutor before the Spanish Football Federation for the 2030 World Cup. This case was the bitter counterpoint to the overwhelming majority that emerged during the session in favor of the new domain.

“This file is the reflection of a success”he claimed Victor Serrano who thanked the “generosity” and “intelligence” of the 49 groups and experts who participated in the decision-making “democratic and transparent” in favor of the current location. He also recalled that the file includes a report from Idom which guarantees that the location meets the requirements of the Fifa to host the world.

The debate was marked by the 8 particular votes of Podemos, four of which were not voted to have against the reports of legality. But the other three went ahead with government support and in two cases, Vox. One of them, the most important, referred to the need to accompany Operation Romereda with the construction of an intermediate stadium for 5,000 to 10,000 spectators to meet the needs of women’s football, other existing clubs in the city or grassroots sports. Serrano promised to promote the project hand in hand with the Aragonese Football Federation and other establishments.

Regarding the specific issue of the location, the criticism was made by the PSOE, which asked for the file to be withdrawn because it considered it “a perversity and a pantomime” which responds only to the “electoral urgency” of the mayor of Zaragoza, Jorge Azcón. In line with recent months, the PSOE did not specify its position regarding the future stadium and asked to wait for the visit of the technicians of the Federation, scheduled between October and November, to determine whether La Romareda it’s a viable place to host the World Cup. Ranera insisted on the need to clarify the stadium model, club participation and financing before

Azcón: “The PSOE makes a fool of itself”

As is often the case in important debates, the mayor intervened. And not just to thank participants in the listening process for their contributions. “I think the PSOE is making a fool of itself.” he said to Ranera. He considered it “incomprehensible” that the Socialists had included the construction of a new stadium in La Romareda in their electoral program and that during this Thursday’s session they did not vote for. He attributed the PSOE position to his “nervousness” and stressed that the deadlines are set by the federation and not by its electoral interests. Moreover, he said that if Zaragoza does not have a stadium today, it is because the PSOE paralyzed in 2003 the one his party promoted in Valdespartera.

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