Away shirt for the 2022/23 season

The Levante OUT you already know what your second regular game outfit will look like for next year. This afternoon, the club unveiled its new outfit, where the black and white colors take center stage.

The football players Robert Pier there Son On this occasion, the protagonists of the current workforce had to wear it. Respecting the five vertical stripes, for this shirt a pattern is chosen in which black has preference over white, although white has all the space on the sleeves. In addition, a thicker horizontal band is included at chest height.

It should be mentioned that more secondary details, such as the shield or Macron’s own logo, have also been included in black and white and not in the original colors. The pants, meanwhile, will be blank except for a few details on the side. The bottoms will have continuity in white, with two fairly spaced separations giving way to the darker color.

Son, with the away shirt for the 2022/23 season LUD

The background with black and white

After a year of absence, since during the past course, an entirely black jersey with secondary Barça motifs was used, Levante recovers its equally classic black and white colors that represented Levante FC and its history.

In recent times, since Macron and the Valencian team began their journey together six years ago, it has been common to see how the choice of black and white tones has alternated with other merchandising bets, except for the 2017/18 and 2018/19 when the election took place. However, in the aforementioned years, only three vertical stripes were presented, while in 2020/21 and in the current design, they respect the five separations.

Success of the first dress

On July 20, the entity of Orriols revealed one of its best kept secrets, which was its azulgrana skin. After the excellent reception that the first shirt had, which commemorates the 60th anniversary of the first promotion to the first division, it is planned to repeat the success with this second shirt.

The day after its launch, the stock of the Ciutat de València store was at a minimum, with Levantine fans who quickly came to acquire it, in a long wait that was worth it.

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