Anabel Pantoja, MAXIMUM TENSION with Omar before his reunion with Yulen

Anabel Pantoja became the next protagonist of ‘Let yourself be loved’ by starring in a long-awaited reunion with Omar Sánchez, her ex, after everything she went through with Yulen Pereira in ‘Survivors 2022’

The grand finale of ‘Survivors 2022’ is just hours away. The competition closes today an edition full of great moments, fights and emotions and the reunion of all the competitors who embarked on this adventure are imminent. Alejandro Nieto, Marta Peñate, Nacho Palau and Ignacio de borbón managed to reach the final positions, only one of them will emerge as the clear winner but, nevertheless, there are other issues that the public are eager to see. For example, the meeting of Anabel Pantoja and Yulen Pereira. The collaborator of ‘Sálvame’ and the fencer already form an official couple and their face to face is the most awaited of the gala which will live in the Telecinco studios… That yes, the niece of the tonadillera was reunited before with Omar Sanchez than with her partner today, and she did it during the recordings of the interview she will be playing in the new episode of ‘Let yourself be loved’.

Anabel Pantoja has already resumed her routine in Spain after failing to enter the grand final of ‘Survivors 2022’ and, before seeing Yulen Pereira, the boy with whom she decided to start a new love story, reported to Omar Sánchez, his ex-partner. Kiko Rivera’s cousin found herself at a crossroads where he had to put his feelings on the table and this interview will not leave anyone indifferent… And Miguel Frigenti gave all the details live from ‘Sálvame’.

“I know what happened in the meeting between Omar Sánchez and Anabel Pantoja. It was a meeting full of tension, in which his passion stands out on the one hand and his rationality on the other. There was a key moment where Anabel completely broke down she broke down in tears and something that really caught the eye is that throughout this meeting she insisted if she was going continue to be part of his life in some way. . She wants to continue having a connection with him, that was her biggest concern, she insisted on several occasions”… With these words, Miguel Frigenti confirmed that the reunion of Anabel Pantoja and Omar Sánchez in ‘Let yourself be loved’ is a real explosive bomb.

Anabel Pantoja and Omar Sanchez

Anabel Pantoja and Omar Sánchez reunite in ‘Let yourself be loved’.


To date, Anabel has bet 100% on her relationship with Yulen, but it is impossible for her to erase everything she has experienced with Omar. The ex-survivor wants to continue being part of her life for all that they have been through during their four years of relationship… But the injury is very recent and the canary needs time to assimilate everything that happened during those long months when it became day after day the eye of the hurricane.

Toñi Moreno, breaks his silence

Tony Morenoas the presenter of ‘Let yourself be loved’, witnessed the reunion of Anabel and Omar after more than three months without seeing each other, and the Andalusian was really surprised by everything that happened on the set “If I have to choose one word, it’s emotional. It’s been very emotional, but there’s also been a lot of tension. Anabel was broken up on a number of occasions. She walked off set on one occasion because the situation affected her, she says she has that the last person with whoever spoke was with Omar, when he took her to the airport, and now he hasn’t spoken to anyone, not even his mother and went straight to the program and once again Omar was the first person he had contact with, I had to do like that. She couldn’t look him in the eye until quite a while passed. You will be more surprised by the position that Omar had than the one that Anabel had, I was surprised with him“, told in preview the show which will be broadcast next Saturday, July 30.

Moreover, Toñi surprised all ‘Sálvame’ viewers by saying that Omar answered the question of whether or not he wants to sign the divorce with Anabel after everything that happened and seeing that their relationship is more than broken. Curves are coming!

toni moreno

Toñi Moreno talks about the encounter between Anabel Pantoja and Omar Sánchez in ‘Let yourself be loved’.


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