“Amar es para siempre” reveals the plot and cast of its 11th season, with the reunion of “Aída” included

love is forever already preparing its eleventh season in Antenna 3,. As happens at the start of the college year, the Diagonal TV series will take on September, beginning a new collection of storylines and with it, a new main cast.

Darío Grandinetti will star in the Spanish remake of

Darío Grandinetti will star in the Spanish remake of “Your Honor” for Antena 3

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Until now we knew the presence of Melani Olivares at the head of the cast. Now the office fiction announces that it will host a meeting of Aidaeight years after its end, also incorporating Pepa Russia.

To these two must be added the names of george bosch (Hunting: Monteperdido), the beginner on television Adriana Ubani, Daniel Cabrera (the age of anger), Ander Azurmendi (Acacias 38, Valeria), Paula Iwasaki (Privacy), Carlos Serrano Clark (Tell me how it went), Antonio Duran Morris (plain flour)Adelfa Calvo (winner of the Goya for Best Supporting Actress for The author in 2017), Daniel Muriel (the one who comes) y Tony Sevilla (The cops, all for the game).

Andoni Ferreño returns and joins the veterans

Plus, they’ll continue one more season bringing their already veteran and iconic characters to life. Itziar Miranda, Manuel Baqueiro, José Antonio Sayagues, Anabel Alonso, Iñaki Miramon, Angel Martin, Sebas Fernandez, Luz Valdenebro. In addition, Andoni Ferreno he joins the fiction to bring Lorenzo Bravo back to life as a fixed character during the season.

fiction directed by Edward Casanova has Veronique Vine as script plot director, Beatrice Duke as coordinator of the levels and pointed angel as dialogue coordinator. The production department is in charge of Nuria Hernandez y Marta Creus Montse Garcia (Atresmedia TV), Jaume Banacolocha, Jordi Frades y Eduardo Casanova (Diagonal) make up the executive production.

This is how the 11th season will begin

new episodes of love is forever They debuted in September 1981. Spain faced their future to dazzle the world at the World Cup. It was a time when creativity and modernity came together, in a climate of political instability and economic crisis.

Nieves Sanabria (Melanie Olivares), Manolita’s cousin, arrives in Madrid from Miami with her husband Ricardo (george bosch) and her daughter Andrea (Adrian Ubani). They are not short of money, new ideas and secrets. The two cousins ​​will set up a business: Sanabria Supermarkets, an idyllic setting that will bring to light the darker side of Nieves when she discovers that her daughter Andrea is involved in a murder. Nieves will orchestrate everything so that the evidence points to Ciriaco (Daniel Cabrera), Manolita’s son, while the unconscious Manolita seeks comfort from her cousin.

For her part, María Barros alias Carballo (Paula Iwasaki) will continue to investigate the disappearance of his father since he does not believe Commissioner Luján’s accusations (Antonio Duran ‘Morris’). He will set up a detective agency from which he will follow the trail of small cases with the help of Jorge Reyes (Carlos Serrano Clark). Carballo will fall into his nets of seduction without suspecting that this young man hides a more sinister objective.

A new business opens in Plaza de los Frutos, the Guerrero Pharmacy, run by Doña Paz (Adelfa Calvo), an armed woman who arrives to start over with her son Hugo (Daniel Muriel) and forget a troubled past. Young Rocio (Pepa Russia) will be the pivot of both of their lives with its joy and ingenuity. Cristina and Quintero will hire Rodrigo Sancho (Tony Sevilla), a lawyer who will give them a hand in the firm and bring them closer to the political world.

In the neighborhood, Visi will have to face a medical problem, while that of the King will pass through the hands of the famous actor Lorenzo Bravo (Andoni Ferreno), which will begin to open up the place to a place of ambiance and which the neighbors will begin to call the Queen’s.

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