Allurion turns to artificial intelligence to measure and predict weight loss success

  • The company launches the Allurion Iris™ artificial intelligence platform and introduces the Success Indicator, a machine learning algorithm that predicts results as early as 20 days after starting the Allurion program.
  • Additional functions include treatment monitoring and integration of all patient data by the clinic, in order to carry out complete control of the evolution of patients who undergo one or more weight loss treatments.

Allurion Technologies, a company dedicated to eliminating obesity, today unveiled a major update to the Allurion Virtual Care Suite (VCS), including the release of the Allurion Iris AI platform and the success indicator, the first in a series of machine learning algorithms designed to improve patient outcomes. In addition, with the establishment of treatment monitoring and the integration of the patient by the clinic, the VCS now allows comprehensive management of patients undergoing one or more weight loss treatments, whether they consist of the use gastric balloon as if they were using surgery or medication.

The Success Indicator is now available to all Allurion partner clinics. The Success Indicator is a proprietary machine learning algorithm, trained on millions of data from over 20,000 Allurion Balloon Program patients in over 50 countries to ensure a high degree of accuracy. As early as 20 days into the program, the success indicator can inform the clinic whether or not the patient is on track to achieve the minimum expected weight loss. By detecting patients in need of additional care early, clinicians can intervene sooner, allowing them to tailor treatment and get them back on track.

“The Success Indicator is a real game-changer for our customers,” said Jeff Feldgoise, Senior Vice President, Digital, Allurion. “100% of physicians who tested the success indicator as part of our early access plan changed the way they treat their patients. This capability, combined with the other new features of the VCS, sets Allurion apart as the undisputed leader in digital services for a wide range of weight loss interventions.

El Indicador de éxito es solo una de las nuevas functions que se anuncian hoy como parte de un important update de Allurion Virtual Care Suite (VCS), que también allowed las clinics optimizar la gestión de los patients que se someten a diversas interventions para la pérdida weight:

  • Treatment follow-up: designed to facilitate the management of all types of patients who wish to lose weight, it allows doctors to directly assign patients one or more weight loss treatments, such as surgery, medication, gastric balloons, among others.
  • Incorporation of the patient by the clinic: Simplifies patient onboarding and improves clinic workflow by allowing clinicians to invite patients to use the Allurion Virtual Care Suite for comprehensive management of their weight loss journey. By controlling all patient data, clinics ensure that patients are able to achieve their goals. Your data is automatically available for clinics to remotely monitor the progress of all their patients.

“At Allurion, we are committed to providing our customers with powerful tools to advance healthcare and harness the power of data to take the Allurion program to the next level,” said Dr. Shantanu Gaur, co-founder and CEO of ‘Allurion. “Furthermore, we believe that the future of weight loss will be an ecosystem comprised of multiple treatment modalities. These new features of Virtual Care Suite uniquely position us as the ideal choice for healthcare professionals across the around the world to manage their patients and improve the results of weight loss programs.

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Allurion Technologies is dedicated to eradicating obesity. The Allurion Program is a complete weight loss experience that includes the Allurion Gastric Balloon – the world’s first and only gastric balloon for weight loss that is unmanageable and requires no surgery -, the Allurion Virtual Care Suite – which includes the Allurion mobile app for patients — Allurion Insights with the Iris artificial intelligence platform for doctors, as well as the Allurion connected scale and the Health Tracker. Allurion VCS is now available separately from the Allurion program to help healthcare professionals personalize, track and manage their patients’ weight loss, regardless of their treatment plan: gastric balloon, surgery, medication or nutrition. Learn more about Allurion at and about Allurion Virtual Care Suite at Allurion is a registered trademark of Allurion Technologies, Inc. in the United States and other countries throughout the world.

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