ACS explodes its profits with concessions and develops in construction

  • The resumption of traffic on the Abertis toll roads above pre-pandemic levels; in particular, it improved the company’s net profit by 27 million euros

  • ACS Group sales reach 15,415 million euros and net profit is 330 million

Grupo ACS closes the first six months of the year with good growth. The company headed by Florentino Perez closed with turnover of 15,415 million euros15.6% compared to the same period of the previous year, and a net profit of 330 million.

The segment of concessions was the one that would improve the most, with a profit increase of 91% to 79 million. The main construction activity contributed to a profit of 170 million, 8% more than in the first half of 2021. Services provided by ACS resulted in a profit of 16 million, or 2 million more than the year last.

As confirmed by ACS in the statement sent to the media, the The area that has seen the best recovery is traffic on the Abertis motorways above pre-pandemic levels. Abertis improved the Group’s net profit by 27 million euros. In addition, the construction company undertakes to sell 25% of the photovoltaic power plants to Galp. In buildingbenefited from the recovery of activity at Dragados and Hochtief, and from the revaluation of the dollar.

ACS achieves 61% of its sales in North America, 22% in Asia-Pacific, 10% in Spain and 6% in Europe. Its portfolio amounts to 69,397 million euros, ie 15.7% more than last year or 6.5% corrected for exchange rates.

Spanish construction companies around the world

ACS, Acciona, Ferrovial, FCC, Sacyr, OHLA and San José once again enter the ranking of construction companies with the highest turnover, in 2021; according to a report from big four Deloitte. The best position went to the company led by Florentino Pérez, which closed with revenues of 32,932 million euros and is ranked 12th on a list led by Chinese, French and Japanese companies.

Eight Chinese companies dominate the top 10, which only two French companies are resisting. Acciona drops from position number 39 to 36, Ferrovial drops from 42 to 40, FCC sits at 42 (43rd in 2020), while Sacyr appears in 59th position (55th in 2020). Finally, OHLA remains in 74th place in the rankings and Grupo San José climbs to 96th place (99th in 2020).

Together, the seven companies mentioned above additional revenue of $68,332 million, 3.8% of total industry sales worldwide. “The industry is facing challenges posed by supply chain disruptions and issues related to the scarcity of raw materials and labor, which lead to upward pressure on construction costs,” explains Javier Parada, Deloitte’s global engineering and construction partner.

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