VRChat receives negative reviews after adding an EAC that removes mods

VRChat been receiving complaints and criticisms everywhere since yesterday, July 25be implemented without notifying the system Easy anti-cheat (EAC) version beta of the game. This application is responsible for controlling who uses Things or cheating in a video game, but in this case his approach is different. And it is that the EAC arrives at VRChat to eliminate the “malicious mods“that cause problems. A very bad decision for a game that lives on mods.

When we talk about the most played games for glasses VR and PCprobably comes to mind beat the saber, the musical game with lightsabers. However, there is another game which is well known in the community, for being free and creating many memorable moments, the VRChat. this video game massive multiplayer launched in 2017 focuses on looks social of to interact with other virtual reality users around the world. It is therefore characterized by the enormous variety of actors with avatar, skins there animation unique thanks mods.

VRChat is the epicenter of VR game mods and now its developers want to remove them

VRChat Mods Anime Avatars VR Memes

If we played VRChat without any mods, we would find a title with a great lack of content and features. Therefore, the community of game modders is very active and makes sure to improve the game and add features to it. But let’s not kid ourselves, VRChat is the source of a large number of memes that have taken over the internet. For example, we found there 3d model of Ugandan knuckles with his famous phrase “Do you know the Way“.

In fact, if you’ve ever entered to play, you must have been surprised by the huge variety of avatars what’s up. And it is that, thanks to the mods, we can see thousands of 3D models of many series, movies, Games and of course also anime. This is essential in a game that focuses on conversation and interaction with other players. In fact, without mods VRChat would not have been as successful as it has been and now these are the reasons for the worst reviews received by the title.

“The community has come together to help this platform and have created client-side mods that fix many of the issues plaguing the game and add functionality”

“Mods go against the Terms of usebut VRChat is quietly allowing them because they have really helped the community grow massively and keep the game safe.”

VRChat Receives Over 11,000 “Mostly Negative” Reviews on Steam

VRChat Critica Easy Anti Cheat Mods EAC

Players are very angry with the decision to include Easy Anti-Cheat in the game. And it is that the EAC will aim to eliminate mods that are labeled as malicious and which cause problems in VRChat, even if it is true that there are people who devote themselves to crash the servers of the game through mods and even rare cases of the Piratesis not reason enough to remove one of the crucial aspects of the game. Something that became clear after seeing the over 11,000 mostly negative reviews who amassed the game on Steam.

From this 11,450 reviews At the time of writing, only one 30% the same have been positive. An extremely low number considering that the EAC was released yesterday. This means that in just one day after the harsh announcement of the mods, the game went from a very positive note with a negative majority. This shows that adding Easy Anti-Cheat or EAC is a very bad decision in this particular title.

To add insult to injury, players have already reached bypass the anti-cheat systemafter only a few hours of execution during the beta of the game. And that’s it, it must be taken into account that VRChat is still a game with Early Accessdespite more than 5 years late and a large number of mods and players. With that, the developers should see that their idea was a failure and proceed to remove the EAC and leave the mods as they were before that.

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