Tour de France 2022: The fact that makes Spanish cycling blush in the Tour de France: “If we only arrived 9…”

She Tour de France ended with a taste more sour than sweet for Spanish cycling. For the first time since 1981, Spain placed no national rider in the Top 10. There were no stage wins either. The last came in 2018, from the hand of Omar Fraile. It is true that so many Luis Len Sanchez as Carlos Verona and Jonathan Castroviejo hit the “stick” in a gray edition for our team.

“It was clear that it was going to be very difficult to win. We arrived in Denmark 9 and, with the exception of Enric, most of us had to work for our managers,” Castro told Radio MARCA as soon as the end of the decisive time. The Basque engine was key for Thomas to aim for the podium. Still, he finished second Castle the gates of the Sun through the jungles.

“It was a shame because I think he was the strongest in the breakaway. But it happened like that and I couldn’t win. It’s maddening because there aren’t many of similar situations. The podium of ‘G’, explained the former Movistar player. Charles Verona, third that same day and one of the most active Navarrese. “Things are as they are. We fought as hard as we could, but things didn’t work out. We came first and foremost with the intention of fighting for the podium with Enric, but that didn’t happen. done,” he summed up.

another version

It was not the best version of Mas, who had to give up being positive for Covid when he was installed in the Top 10. The Balearic, in addition, admitted to having problems with fear on the descent. Something that does not question his presence at LaVuelta, but alerts Movistar to his possible performance. Eusebio Unzu admitted on sports radio during the Lourdes event that “the team was not there to compete with the best. The level is now lower than it was a few years ago” . The best Spaniard was therefore Luisle himself. “Something anecdotal. I’m happy with my response and to have fought for victories, but 14th place doesn’t help us much,” he confirmed.

little good news

Soler, squire of Pogacar in the UAE team, could not finish due to illness. The same as Erviti, driven out in this case also by covid. Ion Izagirre, who knows what it’s like to win in this race, was one of the great assets to go through the stages. Especially after the farewell of their leader Martin. “I’m disappointed. We didn’t do well. Things didn’t work out. But I think the bad patch is circumstantial and at LaVuelta everything will turn around”. His brother Gorka was present at an escape, but he didn’t look as expected. He did not come to Paris to race in Ordizia, where he was 38.

The pressure of points is tightening at Movistar. Finally, his teammate Albert Torres was satisfied to have finished his first Tour, even if his presence was not too noticed. Gone are the afternoons of glory. The last winner was Alberto Contador in 2019. At least LaVuelta remains, where Valverde, Landa, Mas, Carlos Rodríguez, De la Cruz and possibly Ayuso will be.

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