the finalists say goodbye to Honduras between tears and surprises

Even if it will be July 28 when the grand finale of Survivors 2022, the four finalists have already had to leave their homes for three months. It was last Sunday when Nacho Palau, Ignacio de Bourbon, Alejandro Nieto and Marta Peñate have said goodbye to the Cayos Pigs for goodthus putting the finishing touch to an experiment in which all hope to be proclaimed winners and there can only be one.

Alejandro Nieto in 'Survivors' / Telecinco
Alejandro Nieto in ‘Survivors’ / Telecinco

In the Last hour Directed by Ion Aramendi, the great protagonists of the edition had the opportunity to bring out their feelings by showing their most sensitive side on the occasion of the farewells. The first of them was the former competitor of island of temptations, located in Playa Paraíso, received a very special letter written by his two best friends and his older brother: “I am very proud of you. You are a great survivor, both outside and inside the program. Life has put many obstacles in your way. I have known you for over 20 years and we have had many moments. May God give you many good things for all that has happened to you,” the message read, thus causing the Alexander’s immediate tears.

Nacho Palau in 'Survivors' / Telecinco
Nacho Palau in ‘Survivors’ / Telecinco

For its part, Nacho Palau received one of the most revealing statements from his group of friends: “I am very proud to be your friend. Only you have the power to direct your life. You did not surprise us at all, we already knew that you were a born survivor. Go where you must go. We would like tell you so many things … We are super proud of you“, they condemned, making the ex of Miguel Bose It would crumble in moments.

Marta Peñate in 'Survivors' / Telecinco
Marta Peñate in ‘Survivors’ / Telecinco

How could it be otherwise? Marta Peñate also received a pleasant surprise in the enclave that marked his competition. It is none other than Playa Parasito, already baptized Villa Marta by the participant, where she claims to have matured in a process where she also learned to be alone: ​​”I will never forget this place, it made me mature. , made me grow”, he confessed, while his companion, Tony Spinefollowed in his footsteps very closely throughout the competition.

Ignacio de Borbón in 'Survivors' / Telecinco
Ignacio de Borbón in ‘Survivors’ / Telecinco

To end one of the most moving galas of the reality end of the Fuencarral chain, Ignatius of Bourbon, located in Playa Uva, was reading a handwritten letter from his relatives: “In this bank, I had very good conversations”, he said, unable to prevent the tears from streaming down his face when he saw the words that his parents had dedicated to him. . Meanwhile, her mother, Ana, was crying inconsolably on the set of survivorscrowning herself as the candidate’s greatest defender despite the many adversities she has faced in recent weeks, most caused by the continued clashes with her teammates.

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