The Chinese rocket that is about to fall to Earth and could cause a disaster

At a time when Russia has decided to certify its withdrawal from the International Space Station (ISS) after 2024 and will focus on building its own orbital base, the international community is in alert for another fact that can cause greater damage: the fall of a Long March 5B rocket.

During the month of May, it was reported that a large Chinese rocket would fall to Earth out of control. The Pentagon has warned that the Long March 5B it would enter the atmosphere and, without knowing the exact place where it would fall, it would cause serious damage and its remains could be seen somewhere. He finally fell into the ocean, and luckily didn’t get major. But a new flying object of the same model is about to fall on our planet a few weeks later.

According to, the new Long March 5B, 21 tons, It was launched into space last Sunday, but experts predict it won’t burn up completely when it re-enters Earth’s atmosphere. Thus, it would fall to our surface at high speed, without knowing either the exact place or the possible consequences of its fall.

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