Telecinco presents “Tonight I win” and the public phrases: “The challenge of Hacendado”

media play is always immersed in the creation of new projects to try to compensate for increasingly weak audiences, however, it seems that he was not right in choosing the formats that the public is looking for and this tuesday crashed once again after the premiere of ‘Tonight I win’.

Few months ago Telecinco has announced that it is preparing a new program with the producer of ‘Survivors’ and assured that it would come out in high season, but eventually the channel changed its plans and decided to release it this tuesday as one of the summer stuff.

In the program, Christian Gálvez and Carolina Cerezuela act as presenters and captains of the two celebrity teams that will compete in different challenges each weeka format that, after its premiere, does not seem to become a success on the television network, and which is the spectators had no mercy to condemn the competition and pronounced a devastating sentence.


The first installment of ‘Tonight I win’ began quite disconcertinglywithout a detailed explanation about the mechanism of the program, nor an introduction about the famous participants and focused from the beginning on the test that the presenters carried out.

Also, youA useless voiceover narrating the tests did not convince viewers who consider it inappropriate and consider that it invites the deconcentration of both participants and the public, and there are even those who have been reminded of formats far removed from television in the 21st century.

On another side, Nor have the networks overlooked the suspicious resemblance between ‘Tonight I win’ and Antena 3’s hit show ‘El Desafío‘, presented by Roberto Leal, and They weren’t shy about making it clear what they think of this glaring similarity between the two formats. this does not leave the recently released Telecinco space in a very good place.

Internet users agree that the Gálvez and Cerezuela program is “a cheap copy” and “plagiarism” of the Antena 3 competitiona claim they made clear with phrases as devastating as “this format is just a cheap copy of The Challenge, nothing more” or “The Farmer’s Challenge”.

Moreover, the networks did not want to stop there and They attacked the format and the channel, predicting another blow to Mediaset in terms of audiencesIn fact, they didn’t hesitate to bluntly call for the imminent cancellation of the program.

“Cancel this program”, “It will last two days”, “bump in sight” oh “what a shit show”are just some of the phrases with which the public has spoken out about the more than likely new failure of Mediaset.

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