Spectators ruthlessly condemn the premiere of ‘Tonight I win’

After weeks of promotion, Telecinco first tonight I win, your new entertainment bet for the summer, on Tuesday nights. A competition in which personalities face complicated team trials, with the presenters, Caroline Cerezuela there Christian Galvezas captains of each of them.

A competition that takes place on a spectacular setting that recreates a large gaming theme park in which competitors show off their skills in different challenges for a substantial jackpot. However, when it premiered, viewers couldn’t avoid making comparisons and giving a verdict, and it wasn’t exactly good, because according to some, the new space on Bulldog TV would rather be a cheap copy of The challengeof Antenna 3.

“Tonight I win” is Telecinco’s new summer bet.

media play

Carolina Cerezuela is the captain of the ruby ​​team, made up of Belinda Washington, La Terremoto de Alcorcón, actress Patricia Montero, singer Jorge González and actor Carlo Constanzia. In turn, Christian Gálvez is captain of the turquoise team, formed by the comedian Edu Sotoactress Michelle Calvó, Rocío Madrid, Ricky Merino and Miriam Diaz Aroca.

This is not the television of 2022, in sight it is

Mere minutes into the show was enough for viewers who commented on the show on social media to start pitching their rather negative reviews of Mediaset’s new entertainment proposition: celebrities to take part in the space, the skills of the presenters, the mechanics of the competition, the incorporated voice-over that tells the events…

The whole thing was the subject of comments and comparisons with the successful space hosted by Robert Loyal in the rival chain, with which it shares almost all characteristics.

Many have even dared to predict the future of space media playdespite the fact that it was his first broadcast and that it is a competition intended to occupy the space of the summer schedule of Telecinco.

We will have to see what will happen in the next episodes, but many viewers are already asking the Fuencarral group to reconsider filling the space with another program or even to resume their summer 2021 proposal and recover The last mealwhere the collaborators of La Fábrica de la Tele got to work in the kitchen and gave authentic moments that delighted social networks.

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