“Sainz seems more of a leader than Leclerc in Ferrari”

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Ferrari This season he has produced a single-seater capable of taking poles and winning races regularly, but he has reached the first half of the course far behind. Red Bull there Max Verstappen by different factors.


Besides the reliabilitythe team has failed at times, and recently we’ve seen instances where the drivers have to take charge of the strategy during qualifying and the race.

In the British GP, Sainz disobeyed the Scuderiawho asked him to let go Leclerc behind the safety car to stop the drivers arriving behind. The Madrid native released his already historic “stop to invent” [‘dejad de inventar’] and took the win, proving he was right.

Last weekend, in France, Ferrari admitted it was the drivers who decided how and where to adapt why Leclerc could clinch pole positionand on Sunday we saw Carlos again having to correct the pit wall twice, first when they told him he had a stop and go five seconds then when asked to stop as he attacked Sergio Perez.

Finally Sainz could only be fifth, the day he Leclerc made a big mistake while leading the race and ended up crashing. And on the program Sky Sports F1Every Monday leads, Damon Hill talked about the two Ferrari drivers.

“I feel that Carlos [Sainz] is more of a team leader,” the 1996 world champion said of sainz. “He seems to be more strategic and able to make decisions. Charles [Leclerc] He is clearly fast and probably faster than Carlos in the team.

“But in terms of communication in the pits, they’re still halfway there. They’re never close to where they need to be. Somebody has to take responsibility and say, ‘we’re going to make that decision’. It’s the pilot or the strategy engineer.

In case you haven’t seen it:

Hill believes Ferrari has the car and team to fight with it all despite the points distance, and, like Binotto, he does not believe that the title is already decided. Of course, he warns that something has to change: “Ferrari’s potential is huge. If they can solve these problems, they are a threat. If they can do that by the end of the season, it could be a very tight championship. “

behind the Hungarian GP This weekend will be the summer break, after which there will be only nine races left. Get out of Hungary with an excellent result, it would be a good reward for those of the Cavallino before the second half of the World Cup, but losing even more ground would be like a bucket of cold water before the holidays.

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