Renowned virologist speaks clearly about one of the symptoms that distinguishes the omicron variant: ‘Different’ – Society

The appearance of new variants produces changes in the most frequent symptoms in case of COVID-19. This is indicated by experts around the world who point to headaches and sore throats as the most recurring effects of suffering after an infection. However, others have emerged that are linked to the virus. It’s all about night sweats.

Night sweats are repeated episodes of extreme sweating at night. Are related to an underlying disease or medical condition. Additionally, and frequently, they have been associated with medical conditions ranging in severity from cancer to reproach but they hadn’t yet been associated with covid-19 until the omicron variant started spreading around the world. This symptom, in fact, is one of those that distinguishes this variant from other variants of the coronavirus.

Dr Amir Khan is a medical doctor in the National Health Service of UK and ensured that suspected cases consider night sweats as a specific symptom of the omicron variant of the coronavirus. Another renowned expert, virologist Luke O’Neill, also assured in an interview in Ireland that the BA.5 variant is more infectious than previous ones and is better able to evade previous infections and vaccine immunity. This is the predominant variant. “An additional symptom of BA.5 that I have seen is night sweats. The diseases it’s a bit different because the virus has changed. It could lead to a slightly different illness, with night sweats as a feature.”


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