R. Madrid – America: Madrid present two great teams

Ehe Madrid of today and tomorrow was presented in great style at Oracle Park in San Francisco to the delight of the 40,000 fans gathered at the Giants’ baseball stadium. Ancelotti He couldn’t resist the temptation and in the second pre-season game he joined KMC from the start. Casemiro, Kroos and Modric back in command, with Tchouamni, Camavinga and Fede watch them from the bench. A sacred declaration of intentions from the coach to which the newcomers responded with revolt in the second part. There will be a fight. Because if Madrid signed good minutes under the baton of the three tenors, in the second they were overwhelming. Toni Kroos, who is said to be going to tran tran, was spared the ball in the first 45 minutes, because nobody circulates the ball like him. With Modric as their ideal partner, Madrid were harmonious in the first half. The second was rock and roll, with Chuamni, Camavinga and Ceballos pushing and fede in locomotive mode by band. There is no team in the world with an indoor pitch like Madrid.

The difference, yes, is always marked with the ‘9’. Real Madrid have changed dramatically from last Saturday’s Clsico because on the pitch it was Karim Benzema. With the French, I know there is no room for debate. Right now he is the best footballer in the world and unlike what happens with midfielders, there are no youngsters watching him from the bench. The next Ballon d’Or is still not announced, but neither the club nor Carlo Ancelotti seem too worried, who blindly trust Karim’s elixir of eternal youth. There will be no substitute for it because it simply does not exist.

Madrid need to come up with a plan for the three times Karim is out throughout the season, without signing a footballer who would be stuck playing just over six games a year. even now, Benzema are Messi, Christian there MBA, players who play everything and don’t even leave the crumbs behind. So, Madrid’s strategy after the failures of Jovic and Mariano is clear: Benzema and nothing else. When it’s missing, Ancelotti will have to think Ancelotti. For now, the plan goes through Risk, who again had 45 minutes in this attacking position. And the Belgian did not do badly, what an illusion with good maneuvers crowned by a goal from the penalty spot.

Benzema starts as he finished: beautiful goal at 22 minutes

killer and glue

There is no doubt that Madrid is much more Madrid with Benzema. The Frenchman took 23 minutes to see the goalkeeper. America were winning 0-1 when Karim took the ball from the edge of the box and drew one of his classic moves. millimeter wall with Asensio and right hand to the long post that Ochoa can’t reach. Golazo and the team’s first goal Ancelotti on the tour. As per usual. Benzema is the goal and the glue. The killer and the partner of all.

The objective of Benzema was the tie because Madrid started the game asleep, especially write, who relaxed on America’s first finish and let Henry Martin pick up a good pass that filtered inside the area. He beat Lunin the 21 of America, a novelty in the eleven of Carletto.

Madrid started with Lucas Vezquez, Nacho, Rediger and Mendy behind, a defense which for the moment does not resemble Ancelotti’s starter. For now, the Italian’s commitment is in the same direction as last year, with Carvajal, Militao, Alaba and Mendy on pole. It would seem, if Carvajal’s ankle recovers, it will be the four defenders against Eintracht, the game marked by the technical staff in red.

Writing falls asleep… and Henry Martin composes

good first part

Madrid had a good first half considering they barely had a handful of training sessions. Los Blancos got up and circulated the ball well, sending America away from their area. With Vinicius disturbing them on the left flank, Benzema playing against Benzema and Modric and Kroos circulating the ball, the Whites locked in the Mexicans once they overcame the 0-1 error. Karim, after a good connection with Casemiro and another majestic maneuver, nearly made it 2-1 before the break but his shot went just wide of the top corner. Everything he does is good for the team. He even won the lottery on the pitch in his role as captain. Absolute leader, he even wanted to throw a few corners because he was passing by. If there is no misfortune in the form of an injury, Madrid will fight for everything again with this Benzema.

The attack trident, by the way, was completed by Asensio, who only appeared to make the wall at Benzema at 1-1. He’s also not imposing himself in this start of pre-season, so the starting position for the European Super Cup seems to be for Fede Valverde, who took the winger position in the second half. As with defence, Ancelotti seems to be keeping the same track record in attack as last year.

Hazard scores with Madrid… 188 days later!

Eight half-time changes and Hazard’s score

Madrid started attacking in the second half, with Fede Valverde entering like a dagger from the right. At minute 48, one of his runs ended with a fine assist for Hazard, who finished over the crossbar. The impatient Belgian, who shortly after fabricated the penalty game on Lucas. He took the ball and made it 2-1 with a perfect execution maximum penalty. There is no doubt that he is growing and that in Cibeles his head clicked. He wants to succeed in white and does everything on his side. If the injuries respect him, his quality can make the difference.

Chuamni also left good feelings. Much bolder than against Barcelona, ​​he played Casemiro and brought the finish. Roz scores it with a shot from the edge that could show off his formidable power. Second game of the pre-season and early to draw conclusions, but it seems clear that Madrid weren’t wrong in their investment. It smells like the big player, like camavingawho also left good things in the duel against the Mexicans.

Ancelotti ended up smiling on the wing, who liked what he saw in the first half and second half. Two different Madrids, but equally effective and intense. The one with touch and the one with rock and roll. That of the KMC and that of the children. The main thing will be in the mix when things get serious, and surely success, always with Benzema, who doesn’t understand friendly matches.

Where was Luna going? For the penalty, but it is repeated for having advanced 3 meters!

The pool and the Fidalgo draw

Madrid missed out on the win due to a refereeing error. Fildalgo Again Vinicius Tobias…and ruined it with a swimming pool. Pic the referee, who was more careful to order to repeat the maximum penalty stopped by Lunin. He’s advanced two meters and they’re going to hunt him down. The second time around, the Madrid youth team pulled through with suspense and put the final 2-2 on the scoreboard.

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