Queen Sofía meets in Marivent with the Infantas Elena and Cristina and her grandchildren Marichalar and Urdangarin

Queen Sofia enjoys spending time with her family. However, you don’t get to do this very often because of the physical and emotional distance between the Bourbons and Greece. For this reason, when they gather part of their children and grandchildren, they could not be happier and content to be able to enjoy some of their loved ones for a few days.

Queen Sofía and her sister Irene attend the Maggio Musical concert in MarbellaQueen Sofía and her sister Irene attend the Maggio Musical concert in Marbella

This happened in the summer of 2022. A few days before the arrival of Kings Felipe and Letizia, Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía Infantas Elena and Cristina appeared in Marivent with some of their children. After what Dona Sophie e Irene of Greece will end up in Mallorca after passing through Marbella for attend the concert of the Orchestra and Choir of the Maggio Musicale FiorentinoMarivent is refueling again.

As Vanitatis points out, the Infanta Elena had just Madridwhile the Infanta Cristina made it from Barcelona. They didn’t miss Froilan there Victoria Federica, who flew to Mallorca after their separate holidays in Andalusia. Those of Victoria de Marichalar were calmer, but not those of Froilán, very agitated because the shooting that took place in the Marbella nightclub where he celebrated his 24th birthday.

Infanta Elena, Froilán and Victoria de Marichalar at the 2018 Copa del Rey de Vela Final DinnerInfanta Elena, Froilán and Victoria de Marichalar at the 2018 Copa del Rey de Vela Final Dinner

As for the Urdangarins, Pablo and Miguel were thereWhat they had been weeks ago with their father in Formentera and next in Santoña with the Infanta Cristina. Miguel UrdangarinWhat study marine science in the UKhas the whole summer free, while his brother Pablo is due in Barcelona on August 8, 2022 to return to training with Barça B in handballteam in which he plays. Juan Urdangarin is known for volunteering in Indiawhile he was not seen in Mallorca Irene Urdangarin despite having been in Barcelona with Christina of Bourbon. It is possible that he has chosen another destination, although it would be logical that he takes advantage of the family conclave to join the holidays in Mallorca.

Cousin plans and interrupted vacations

There are not many days that pass by as they are not expected to coincide with the Kings and their daughters. Felipe VI already has audiences on July 29, 2022 in the morning, so on July 28 she must be in Mallorca, while Queen Letizia is expected on Sunday July 31, 2022 for the closing gala of the 12th edition of the Atlàntida Mallorca Film Fest. Besides being a few days, they were interrupted for the Infanta Elena by a family tragedy. The Duchess of Lugo he flew to Madrid for the death of his first cousin Sonia de Morales de Borbón-Dos Sicilias, daughter of Inés de Borbón-Dos Sicilias, first cousin of King Juan Carlos, who died suddenly at the age of 52. He met there Don Felipewho came to the funeral home to cover for his family at such a painful time.

Pablo Urdangarin and Miguel Urdangarin celebratePablo Urdangarin and Miguel Urdangarin celebrate

Meanwhile, the Marichalars and the Urdangarins used their time together to enjoy not only Marivent, but also Mallorca. They went out to eat and dine there and sail with a small boat ceded to the King’s Family. They also spend time with Doña Sofía, delighted to spend a few days with her grandchildren.

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