Piaggio MP3 530 HPE, the most avant-garde tricycle in the world… The king is back

More than 230,000 units have been sold since the first Piaggio MP3 changed the mobility paradigm in 2006. We have moved on (see the video at the end of the article) to its latest generation in Paris: the largest, most powerful and the most technological. Part of the 12,999 euros.

Through its commitment to an urban, versatile, comfortable and above all accessible tricycle to motorists, the Italian brand was ahead of everyone. and today alone Peugeot Motorcycles with its Metropolis 400 (with which it has an intense patent dispute at European level for this) and now Yamaha With their Tricity 300, they accompany it seriously in a segment that continues to gain followers: up to 26% more in Spain in the first half vs 2021.

Following this turmoil in court, the king of tricycles is releasing a new generation above half a liter (the third since 2018) that surrounds itself with technology to keep contestants at bay.

The MP3’s controls have plenty of guidance to the car.

Under an incessant summer rain in Paris, the first thing you check is that its The new 530 cc single-cylinder, the most powerful in the segment, works smoother than its predecessor, with less vibration during braking and deceleration, but no less lively since it delivers 44.2 CV of power (with 50 Nm of maximum torque in the 5,250 rpm) with much more bro than the previous generationboth stopped and resumed.

The bone technological resources that Piaggio deploys in this new The HPE MP3 530 puts you at the forefront of the industrybeing the world’s first character with ARAS-like devices, advanced driver assistance systems, already well established in the automotive world. Resources such as those based on 4D Imaging Radar technology developed by the brand’s robotics team in Boston. Take information from sensors located under the rear opticsit feeds the systems of blind spot information and lane change assist to warn on the MP3 screen when a vehicle is approaching from the flanks. It is the largest in the segment: a 7″ color TFT with Mia connectivity platform as standard (you already know multimedia development, navigation, etc) from which everything is controlled and quite intuitive thanks to a new interface and using a simple but effective controller on the left foot.

Under the rear optical group, you can see the square surface of the radar and above, you can see the small camera…

In addition to all relevant information, he checks the riding modes -which are three in number depending on the response of the ride-by-wire accelerator and which model the ASR traction control- there the rear camera image is displayed when reverse gear is engaged for parking. This one, which is activated from a special control located on the left side dashboard, is really effective, especially on slopes, although it has a slightly more abrupt first response to this first push. Another complement that completes this new version is a cruise control easy to use and not too abrupt in its disconnection on the go for anyone who likes to relax their fist on the road.

… displayed on the 7-inch color screen.

As you can see, this The MP3 530 hpe aesthetically breaks with the past, thinking even more of its target buyer: the motorist. With a wider and more protective front, which houses the new horizontal full LED optical unit, it now has a spoiler in its lower part which improves its aerodynamics by having relocated the radiator between the front wheels and the footrest. and with a large windshield like well new invoice. The MP3 530 has many nods to the world of four wheels, Proof of this are, to give just a few examples, the direction indicators integrated in the wheel arches, the rear light unit, made up of a single horizontal LED element which also incorporates the indicators, the glove box on the dashboard edge with a USB socket, some of the controls on the dashboard or the two padded elements for absorbing small shocks on the back bumper, located at knee height.

Nice turn…

In progress, the 7 kilos less than she weighs are not noticeable in excess from their generosity 280 kilograms in working order they are quite numerous, but a greater dynamism is noticeablesum of this better coefficient against the wind, a handlebar set back and raised by one centimeter, a position of the feet 2cm lower, a really more comfortable saddle with space underneath for two full-face helmets… and the successful adjustments of the front suspension, those are very noticeable.

…Even underwater.

The last note comes from the hand of braking Well it does soft feel at the levers looking for the comfort and confidence provided by the stirrups developed by Brembo, while The braking of the pedal has been accentuated… And when I say accentuate, I mean be very careful in the event of sudden braking with car… The MP3 530 really brakes! Its three-channel ABS, developed in collaboration with Continental on all three wheels, works very well on the generous 258mm discs that mounts to each of the three 13-inch wheels and without too much of an intrusion.

Want to see it in action?

The Piaggio MP3 530 hpe arrives with a degree of finish that has also moved up several steps compared to the previous generation and with four semi-matt colors – one blue, one black and two greys: this ‘matte cloud and one matt – all in combination with copper details on the rims, transmission cover and saddle stitching, with graphite gray rims, matt gray exterior and interior trim (c. .

The king never left, but now he wants to rule again.

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