Neymar to go on trial in October along with Rosell and Bartomeu over alleged corruption when signing for Barca

The legal saga surrounding Neymar and Barça will experience a new chapter this October 17, according to the newspaper The country. One month before the start of the Qatar World Cup, the Brazilian player of PSG will sit on the bench of the Barcelona court alongside Sandro Rosell and Josep María Bartomeu, former presidents of Barça, accused by the prosecution and by the company DIS of alleged corruption in his signing with the Barça club in 2013. The prosecution requires two years in prison for Neymar and the payment of a fine of ten million, while the complainant DIS extends his request to five years and asks that he be disqualified for the same period.

In addition to Neymar, they will sit on the bench Sandro Rosell, for whom the prosecution is asking for five years in prison and DIS eight, Josep María Bartomeu, who also faces an eight-year sentence, although the prosecution is not asking for prison in his case to consider that, as vice-president of Barca in 2011, there is no evidence that he was aware of the negotiations for the signing of the footballer. Neymar’s parents risk two years in prison (the father) and one (the mother) by the prosecution and five by the DIS.

DIS considers that Barça tried to avoid paying the 40% of the rights of the player, in their possession

The complaint from DIS, a Brazilian company specializing in the football market, stems from the fact that it considers itself aggrieved and cheated by the signing of Neymar by Barça. This company acquired 40% of the rights of the Brazilian from the age of 17 of the player in exchange for 2 million euros and considers that the sale of the player for 17.1 million was well below its actual market value.

Barca paid for the signing of Neymar 17.1 million as a transfer. In addition, he negotiated with the footballer and his father a bonus of 40 million, paid to the company N&N. At first, Barça defended that this amount was also a transfer, which is why it was sentenced after a complaint from the Spanish tax authorities, who considered it part of the footballer’s salary.


01/02/16 National Hearing Case Neymar Josep Maria Bartomeu and Sandro Rosell


“When we learned from the press that the sale was for 17.1 million euros, it seemed like a bad deal to us, but he changed his mind when he learned of the signing of previous agreements between clubs, and with Neymar and his family. , with the aim of defecting the rights of DIS. He distorted the market by accepting an offer well below its value”, explained in 2015 Roberto Moreno, executive director of DIS, who attributes the whole controversy of the case for Barcelona to ‘save 40% corresponding to DIS’.

In the lawsuit, Barca also appear as a legal person and the prosecution demands the payment of 8.4 million euros, while the DIS demands compensation of more than 150 million euros.

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