New symptoms of persistent covid: does it happen to you?

  • Key groups and behaviors have also been identified that may put people at higher risk for longer-term effects from the virus.

The catalog of symptom experienced by people infected with Covid-19 continues to expand more than two years after the start of the pandemic. a recent study published by the journal Nature Medicine revealed that infected people can suffer decrease of sex drive, hallucinations there hair loss.

Although the usual symptomatology is usually featured fever, Headache there loss from enthusiasm I the feelthe results of this research University of Birmingham established this new pathology for cases of coronavirus persistentwhose range of symptoms is “Very high”.

The voice of patients, validated

The bone results of a study conducted by several researchers from the University of Birmingham and doctors everywhere England between January 2020 and april 2021 found that the the patients they had time securing: the range of possible symptoms with covid in its strongest form sustainable it is extremely big.

“This survey Choose what patients said doctors already the legislators throughout the pandemic,” said Shamil Haroon, lead author of the report. By this, the researcher refers to the hallucinationsloss of sex drive there hair loss which many positives claimed to have suffered after to catch.

risk groups

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The investigation consisted of a analysis from the anonymous medical records of 2.4 million of people in the UK. In the work, they also identified groups there behaviours key that can expose people to greater risk suffer the effects of the virus more time.

Suggested groups include women, youth and people belonging to ethnic groups niggers oh bastards. Likewise, people poor, smokers or with Overweight you obesityin addition to those who suffer from a wide range of diseasesare more prone manifest symptom persistent.

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