Google Pixel 7, Foldable Pixel and Pixel Tablet cameras leaked

The Google Pixel 7 and Google Pixel 7 Pro they show that the company takes its commitment to hardware seriously; Far from “living on rent” with the Pixel 6, Google wants to storm the market with more launches in the coming months.

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Some of these models have already been confirmed by Google itself, such as the Pixel tablet, which may be a good low-end alternative, while others have only been rumored.

Pixel 7 cameras

Now we have the best indication of where shots will go in future Google phones and tablets, thanks to a leak posted by the developer. Kuba Wojciechowski on Twitter, which particularly focuses on the cameras that these devices will use. The Google code you analyzed refers to the code names of future models and the cameras they will use.

For starters, the Google Pixel 7 will be the one that brings the fewest surprises, since it is expected to have the same sensors as its predecessor, the Pixel 6. Therefore, the main camera will continue to use an ISOCELL GN1 sensor of 50 MPx, accompanied by a 12 MPx wide-angle IMX381.

The main camera improvement we’ll see in the Pixel 7, we’ll see in the front camera, which will now be an 11 MPx sensor, possibly a Samsung 3J1. It would be a nice change from the Pixel 6, which has an 8MP sensor, and would ensure that the base model and the Pro model have the same front camera.

Speaking of the Pro model, the Google Pixel 7 Pro will have a periscope camera change, swapping out the Sony IMX586 48MP from the Pixel 6 Pro for a new GM1 from Samsung. More than image quality, Google’s goal with this change would be to get a more coherent picture compared to all other sensors when using a sensor from the same manufacturer.

Google Pixel foldable and tablet

Wojciechowski also discovered references to other Pixel devices that will extend the line beyond smartphones. We already know the first Pixel tablet which will arrive in 2023; according to the leak, it will have two identical chambers, with 8MP IMX355 sensors both rear and front; Few surprises here, but perhaps the magic of Google’s algorithms could make it a good tablet for video calling or taking the occasional photo.

More interesting is the presence of a Compatible with Google Pixel in the code, which has been rumored for several months as a possible version of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold. Its main camera would use a GN1 sensor of 50 MPx, and would be accompanied by two other sensors, an IMX363 of 12 MP and an IMX386 also of 12 MP; Finally, the selfie camera would be 8 MPx.

New Google Pixel “Lynx”

The latest surprise comes in the form of a new Pixel device that has yet to be discovered. Has the code name of Lynx (lynx in English), and that’s the biggest mystery the leak has uncovered. The only thing we do know is that it would also use a 50MP GN1 sensor with an IMX787 sensor of no less than 64MP; all very rare, to which we must add a 13 Mpx IMX712 selfie camera, far superior to the rest of the range.

This odd camera setup may indicate that Lynx is actually a prototype, created by Google for internal testing, and will never be released; in other words, we could see these sensors in future devices if testing goes well. Another possibility is that it is the wish Google Pixel 7 Ultraa premium range model that would take on the best on the market, but that’s unlikely at this stage.

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