Ginés Marín, five ears in his triumphant confinement in Santander (This is how we told you about the afternoon bull by bull)

Sixth: End of ends and with less facial expression was the sixth of The Parralejo that he moved in his assault, even if he lacked more humiliation and class. This movement took advantage Gines Marin in torn series, connecting the muletazos that came a lot to the lines. He didn’t stop at that momentum towards the bull or an injury to his hand. He left a big lunge again, making a perfect knockdown. He moved both ears.

Five: Very deep and full-bodied was the fifth fifth, with the iron of Antonio Banuelos, which had complex behavior. He required a lot of Gines Marin which had to be used thoroughly to curdle a meritorious task. Based on firm touches and always overtaking him, the man from Extremadura imposed his dominance, firing the assault from below. A natural tanda was of great length and power, with the low hand. The horned man has not finished giving himself, he has had a direct attack. Stitch before the slit. In the last arreón before death, he put on the banderillero towards the relievers Fernando Perez, which was returned without consequence.

Fourth: The bull of Juan-Pedro Domecqto which Gines Marin received with a long change of knees on the third. He was a bull that moved through the first set without getting out of the flights, but broke more and better when needed. The man from Extremadura broke up with him ‘juampedro’ in a bullfight with a very curved line, to finish the muletazos behind the hip, lowering the hand a lot. Large task that grew in magnitude as the batches unfolded. He finished the task with a sharp natural, totally straight ahead with the compass open, hooking the attacks under the piton blade and taking very long. He left another shot. He raised the puntillero to the horn and that chilled the audience in a task that should have been rewarded with two ears. In the end, the public asked for only one, which was granted.

Third: Under good execution was the third, of Pallares, though much combed, almost puffy. The horned man attacked with class the cape drenched in Gines Marin which once again froze an exceptional veronica receipt, finished with a bottom staring at the line. The horned Sevillian with a lot of rhythm had two series with the crutch for the right python, in which Gines Marin He left a very collected bullfight with large laces. The bull blamed the excess pounds for losing zeal and bellows as he fretted, although he still maintained a good tug. When he lost that inertia, the man from Extremadura sought out attacks based on steps lost and gained. It made the batch with tremendous cleanliness and purity, leaving a split. Ear.

Second: With more expression and rennet was the second, with the iron of Jandilla, to which Gines Marin he prescribed a bodice with very rhythmic speedwells, gaining ground. He was a horned noble, but with the right caste to repeat these attacks. With plenty of sediment and fiber was Gines Marin, which put all that the bull lacked. He highlighted a streak on the right with a huge stroke and link. He hooked punches with great care, to fire punches in a warm, fibrous manner. From there, the horn fell lower. Task of great intelligence in terrain and height, which ended with an excellent lunge. He walked the first ear.

First: A cornicorto bull of Sunday Hernandez which came out wide in the first thirds, although with the tendency to attack with the python inside. On the crutch he gave heat Gines Marin at first, giving warmth and collecting the onslaught. The first two rounds of the right hand had a lot of strength, leaving the crutch to the face in long crutches. However, he quickly lost inertia and marked preferences, sometimes falling asleep at the time of the embroque when the muletazos came out. Extremadura warmed up the crowd in the low blows to the tables, enjoying the love. A puncture before the split meant that the first ear of the afternoon did not work. Ovation.

Celebration sheet:

Iron by Domingo Hernández - SpainIron of Jandilla - SpainIron of Pallares - SpainIron by Juan Pedro Domecq - SpainIron Antonio Bañuelos - SpainIron of El Parralejo - Spain

Cost of Cuatro Caminos Santander. fourth of Santiago Fair. More than three quarters of the occupation. Bulls, in combat order, from Domingo Hernandez, Jandilla, Pallares, Juan Pedro Domecq, Antonio Banuelos and El Parralejo.

GINESE MARINsolo, ovation, ear, ear, ear after warning, ovation and two ears;

Case : At the end of the paseo, the chords of the National anthem of Spain and Ginés Marín he was forced to give a standing ovation before the first one left. the banderillero Fernando Sanchez received a standing ovation after pairing the fifth.

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