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You’re here is recognized as one of the most advanced manufacturers in terms of technology and connectivity. Its electric cars are synonymous with innovation in an area that until its arrival on the market no one had taken into account. In 2012, the Models surprised everyone not only for being an electric-powered family sedan with great range, but for the connected services available on board thanks to its large 17-inch vertical screen. But software and connectivity are expensive technologies that need to be constantly maintain and update. For this reason, many manufacturers offer it as an annual subscription service. Until now, Tesla, in its basic form, offered it free for life, but that has already changed.

The July 20, 2022 it was the deadline for free lifetime connectivity in Tesla electric cars. Since that date, the owners have eight years of free service from the date of purchase. Then they have to pay monthly or annual subscription. Until 2014, all Tesla cars had all connectivity services for free forever. That year, Tesla announced that the free internet connection would last a maximum of four years. However, the established deadlines passed and the manufacturer continued to offer full connectivity for free. He was in 2019 when he started presenting different levels of connectivity: On the one hand the connectors and at the top level the Premium connectors.

FIn free connectivity tesla-interior standard1
Connectivity of Tesla electric cars according to dates and models. Tesla font.

The regular duty it’s the most basic of the two levels of connectivity that Tesla offers. Includes navigation, but lacks live traffic, streaming video, and other features of the premium levelthe monthly or annual cost of which is indicated in the application.

FIn standard tesla-interior2 free connectivity
Tesla Standard Connectivity and Premium Connectivity Services. Tesla font.

According an iSeeCars study The average length of car ownership is 8.4 years, which means that some Tesla owners will have to subscribe to basic connectivity for a while. At the same time, technology is changing rapidly, so it will be interesting to see if this average ownership time also holds up with current electric cars.

It is precisely the rapid evolution of technology that makes cars become obsolete very quickly. This scenario prompts many owners to seek to upgrade by switching cars to access new technologies and innovative features. However, Tesla, and now many automakers, are working to ensure that this is not the case and to make their vehicles last over time. wireless update via OTA services (live).

tesla updates superchargers-interior2 wait time
Connectivity allows electric cars to be updated via OTA, which not only allows them to change the interface design, but also provides new functions and services and can improve performance.

These OTAs make it possible to add new functions, improve existing systems and extend the useful life of a vehicle equipped with advanced technology. The electrification of propulsion has elevated these possibilities beyond changing the appearance of the interface, even allowing act on benefits and autonomy. This means that over time, electric cars are better than when they left the factory. Whether these upgrades can keep a vehicle cool for eight years remains to be seen.

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