Ford Almussafes will stop production for another ten days until October 31

The extension is adopted for productive reasons and will affect the entire workforce


Ford Almussafes prorroga el actual ERTE hasta el próximo 31 de octubre por causas productivas con 10 días más de paradas en las fabrications de vehicles y motores, que afectará a la totalidad de la plantilla de forma parcial o total con la mismas economic y laborales pactadas till date.

Thus, the extension of this system, approved with the support of the majority union UGT, sets the scheduled shutdowns of the vehicle manufacturing and engine assembly plant for August 29; September 2,5,12,16,29 and 30; and October 7, 17 and 24. For its part, in the mechanized engines, it would affect September 10, 11, 24, 25 and October 1, 2, 22, 23, 29 and 30. However, these dates are indicative.

Ford justifies this new extension by a “substantial” drop in the production programs of vehicles planned by Ford Spain due to the shortage of semiconductors which began in December and which “far from being resolved, continues to hit factories hard. , forcing the entire industry to shut down for weeks to coordinate component supply with manufacturing capacity. Added to this shortage of chips are “uncertainty and supply issues due to the invasion of Ukraine”.

Likewise, he points out that demand for motors is “much weaker than expected” due to the global shortage of semiconductors, supplier capacity problems due to the pandemic, and the logistics sector’s difficulties in meeting deliveries. and expected shipping times.

Ford points out that the engine plant personnel are sized to manufacture 1,850 per day in two production shifts and their corresponding machining parts plus machining component demand for Clevaland.

Por ello, argued that al “agotarse todas las medidas paliativasavailables y necesidad to fabricar una cantidad reducida de motores y components de mecanizados during los meses de agosto à octubre de se hace necessario ar adaptar la capacity productioniva a la demande de production dure esta period of time”.

From the UGT, they noted that once again this union was the only one to agree on the extension of the ERTE.

For his part, STM Ford representative Dani Portillo indicated that he understood “the disastrous and unfortunate external situation” affecting the entire automotive industry, but justified his opposition to maintaining the same economic conditions.

In any case, he asks that the strike days be filled on the dates announced because “we are used to changes from one day to the next and these changes affect family reconciliation”.

They also spoke to the CGT, a union which does not understand that the extension of the ERTE is requested “while individual breaks are taken in certain factories and in other overtime to increase daily production”.

“Instead of reducing the rhythms and humanizing the jobs, every day it saturates the jobs more, increases production with individual breaks and overtime, and then sends us to ERTE to save our salaries”, they criticize.


On the other hand, the company has also communicated new changes to the ERTE calendar in force for this week. In vehicle operation, on July 29, only system B will shut down during the morning shift and the rest of the systems and shifts will operate.

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