FC BARCELONA – JUVENTUS | Xavi: “We are on the right track without euphoria”

07/27/2022 at 05:34


“Dembele must make the difference, be more consistent and score more goals”

“Pjanic has a unique vision of the game and there are not many players who see the game on first contact”

xavier recognized that Barça did not offer their best version in the draw against Juventus (2-2)but he came away satisfied with what he had seen: “We were thicker than normal, but I attribute that to the lack of pace, the heat and the pitch, which was very dry. In the first half, we suffered a little, because the interiors and the extremes have to defend themselves more inside, but I leave with good feelings. We are on the right path“.

That said, the Barça coach wanted to reduce the euphoria that was created especially after the victory against Real Madrid: “Who said that we were the best team in Europe? we have no euphoria or debate, we need to be emotionally balanced. We are on the right track, but we have to be very humble and work hard the way we do.”

The Blaugrana coach highlighted the performance of Ousmane Dembélé, decisive with his two goals: “He showed what he was capable of, making the difference with the right wing with actions in one against two. He is a different player, special and who gives us a lot. He must make the difference, be more consistent, score more goals. I don’t know Dembélé from before, but since I arrived I see him happy and he always tells me that he is involved in the project. I’ve seen him like this since November, which is why I pushed so hard for him to stay.”

Xavi also appreciated Lewandowski’s contribution: “He helps us a lot with his work and with his pressure. The goals will come, because he has scored them all his career. He’s a footballer with extraordinary ability for us and he’s going to help us a lot.”

The native of Terrassa also analyzed the game of Pjanic, the first of the Bosnian in this pre-season: “I liked it a lot. He gives us a lot of ball, he found the inside very well, has an exclusive view of the game of football in general, as there aren’t many who see the game on first contact. He always looks ahead, looks very well at the pass nine. He played a great game.”

Xavi clarified that Sergi Roberto’s change was not the product of a physical problem: “It was agreed that he would start after 30 minutes and I preferred that they were from the start, because he lacked intensity. The change was not due to any injury”. Of his replacement, Dest, he pointed out: “It’s been good, he’s correcting well. It’s an important project for the future.”

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