‘Father There’s No More Than 3’ Surpasses One Million Viewers at Box Office

for the second consecutive week Father there is only one 3 of Santiago safe It leads again, although its argument takes place in the middle of Christmas, the Spanish box office on these summer dates. According to still provisional data from ComScore MoviesLast weekend raised 1.3 million euros and, so far, the third installment cumulates 6.5 million and 1,100,886 viewers They have already come to see her.

your income decreased by 43% compared to the previous weekend, that of its debut, but the family proposal of the saga that began in 2019 usually last for weeks among the most profitable.

Biggest turnover in poster. Will he overcome Minions: Origin of Gru a Jurassic World: Dominion? Right now, the honorary title of being the biggest hit of the summer goes to dinosaurs with its 16 million euros admitted since its inception, but the tiny yellow characters are hot on their heels. In less than four weeks, they reached 14.5 millionand last weekend, the animated feature was still the second highest grossing with almost 900,000 euros.

Image of 'Princess Mononoke'
Image of ‘Princess Mononoke’
Studio Ghibli

Liam Neeson and the other news. The Irish actor remains a subscriber to action thrillers and his most recent film, The memory of a murderer, was the biggest taker of all the new releases of the weekend. He debuted fourth with 180 thousand euros. He was also positioned in top ten spanish comedy A boyfriend for my wife con Belen Cuesta there Hugo Silva, eighth with 146 thousand euros. and the new one Alex Garlandthe nightmare Menslipped to tenth place with 62 thousand euros.

The revival of ‘Princess Mononoke’. And in the section of classics that return to large theaters for their anniversary, since last Friday we have in our cinemas one of the great titles of Hayao Miyazaki commemorating the 25th anniversary of its creation. It ranked thirteenth on the list of highest grossing. It was shown on 101 screens and, in total, it raised 38,727 euros and attracted 5,887 spectators.

The ten biggest box office hits in Spain (July 22-24)

'Father there is only one 3'
‘Father there is only one 3’

1 – Father there is only one 3. 1,307,285 euros (and in eleven days it has accumulated 6,555,831 euros and 1,100,886 viewers).

2 – Minions: The origin of Gru. 877,613 euros (and in 24 days, 14,585,105 euros and 2,431,374 spectators).

3 – Thor: Love and Thunder. 678,217 euros (and in 17 days, 8,308,914 euros and 1,270,556 spectators).

4 – Jurassic World: Domination. 217,427 euros (and in 46 days, 16,087,464 euros and 2,506,075 spectators).

5 – The memory of a murderer. 180,877 euros and 26,340 spectators in three days.

6-Elvis. 161,178 euros (and in 31 days, 2,941,517 euros and 451,384 viewers).

7 – Top Gun: Maverick. 156,321 euros (and in 60 days, 8,810,522 euros and 1,286,305 viewers).

8 – A boyfriend for my wife. 146,114 euros and 21,998 spectators in three days.

9 – Black telephone. 82,671 euros (and in 31 days, 2,646,103 euros and 425,580 viewers).

10- Men. 62,408 euros and 9,251 spectators in three days.

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