Darío Gómez, the “king of wickedness”, dies at 71

(Spanish CNN) –– Darío Gómez, the “king of wickedness” of Colombia, died this Tuesday in Medellín, reported the Clinic Las Américas. In a statement sent to CNN, he said the popular music singer entered the emergency room that day in a “state of unconsciousness” after suffering a sudden collapse at his home. Gómez arrived without vital signs and was transferred to a resuscitation room where cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers were performed without success, the institution added. He was pronounced dead at 7:31 p.m. local time, the statement said.

President Ivan Duque expressed his condolences on Twitter: “We deeply regret the death of the performer and composer Darío Gómez, the ‘King of spite’; one of the greatest exponents of popular Colombian music. We accompany his family and friends with solidarity, and we send them our fraternal embrace,” he wrote.

Darío Gómez was one of Colombia’s most recognized artists. For decades, he sang to his heart’s content and earned the title “King of Evil.” Among his greatest hits are “Nobody is forever”, a song about death, “Survival”, “Between quotes”, “Daniela” and more recently “Moi laugh at you” and “Copita de liquor”.

Lamenting the death of Gómez, the Colombian Ministry of Culture stressed that his interpretations and his lyrics “have accompanied Colombians from generation to generation”.

Reactions to the death of Darío Gómez

Several artists have taken to social media to express their pain at the death of the ‘King of Evil’.

One of them was Juanes, who wrote: “sad to leave Dario Gomez, so many parties listening to his music and so many singing his songs. My deepest condolences to his entire family.”

Jhonny Rivera, a singer of the same genre as Gómez, shared a video of the two during a concert with the message: “It is with deep sadness that I hear the news of the death of our King of Spite #DarioGomez , a reference for popular music, a great friend and a source of inspiration in my career, peace in his grave, his legacy will remain forever”.

El Charrito Negro, singer and songwriter of popular music, shared a photo with Darío Gómez on his Instagram account, along with the message: “You were and you will continue to be 👑 THE KING OF CONTEMPT 👑 Thank you teacher for being our inspiration and for leading this treble for so many years. Rest in peace master 🙏🏼 your legacy will always remain in our hearts”

Singer and songwriter Arelys Henao wrote on her Twitter account: “So many moments running through my mind today that her leaving seems amazing @elreydeldepecho thank you for so much my teacher.”

For his part, singer Lucas Arnau tweeted: “May Darío Gómez, the king of wickedness, rest in peace, thank you for his music, maestro, he has inspired us and will continue to inspire us forever!”

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