Brendan Fraser unrecognizable with 270 kilos What happened to him?

What happened to Brendan Fraser? The actor who astonished half the world at the turn of the century, the protagonist of George of the Jungle oh The Mummyfaded away. There were no roles for him, and the industry immediately forgot about his last guaranteed hit star. Now it reappears. The profession gave him a second chance and he comes back making noise. will be the protagonist The whale, and in the first frame we saw of the film appears Brendan Fraser with 270 kilos. VSIt’s hard to believe this is the same handsome guy we dated 20 years ago at the movies.

Brendan Fraser’s big physical change

A month ago, we saw Fraser again on a red carpet. He had gone a long time without posing for the media and his the physical evolution has been more than commented on. Above all, his weight gain. He had ceased to be a Hollywood idol.

But it doesn’t matter if he now returns to the screens with a role on a tape that will be in competition at the Venice Film Festival which begins August 31. Brendan is the protagonist of The whale (La ballena). The actor embodies a professor of literature confined to his home by his morbid obesity. It weighs no less than 270 kg. The storyline reflects the Professor’s struggle to confront his past in order to reconcile with his 17-year-old daughter.. The whale is an adaptation of a play by Samuel D. Hunter.

Fraser, at age 53returns to play a leading role. Farewell to the image of Adonis. Hello to prostheses and makeup that made him a man of almost 300 kilos.

Brendan Fraser and Max from Stranger Things

The whale, will try to win the Golden Lion next September. We will see the director, Darren Aronofsky, strolling on the canals of Venice (Mother), and its actors. Alongside Brendan Fraser will be Sadie Sink, well known for being A maximum Strange things.

The ordeal of injuries and a complicated divorce

Up to three installments first The Mummy which raised $400 million. Brendan’s sentencer was the hot guy in Hollywood in the early 2000s, and without the public really knowing why, suddenly, his face stopped appearing on the billboard.

Brendan Fraser attends the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival

The actor poses at the premiere of ‘No Sudden Movement’ GTRES

A frightening collection of trauma they made him cross operating room continuously for 7 years. Fraser played every role he was offered, knowing he had to seize his moment, andand always refused to be doubled by a specialist. Ended up with irreversible injuries knee, spine, ribs… even the vocal cords were damaged.

His body said enough is enough and the constant hospital admissions and recovery periods They stopped the race.

His luck turned into The bad streak and injuries were joined by Afton Smith’s divorce, whom he met at a party at Winona Ryder’s and with whom he shared scenes in George of the Jungle Their marriage lasted 10 years and they had three children.

When they divorced in 2009, a child support of $900,000 a year for her. 4 years later, Fraser asked for a decrease expenses because his income was collapsing and his medical bills were skyrocketing.

Brendan Fraser at the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival

The actor gained weight due to the demands of the script GTRES

Brendan Fraser, the man who dared to declare having been the victim of sexual abuse

In 2018, Fraser came clean and publicly denounced being the victim of sexual abuse. An unusual move in this business, and less from a man.

encouraged by the movement #Me too, Brendan Fraser reported that journalist Philip Berk, president of the Foreign Press Association, entity that organizes and awards the Golden Globes, abused him in 2003 in a hotel.

The actor told everything in an interview with GQ magazine. He then claimed that Berk touched his ass then, with a finger, touched his testicles and his anus. The journalist himself evokes this pathetic episode in his memoirs, assuring that it was only a to joke.

“It made me sick. I felt like a little child. As if he had a lump in his throat. I thought I was going to cry.” Fraser then he was afraid to say and to give and plunged it into a the Depression which forces him to withdraw from the public arena.

He also stated in this interview that the Golden Globes organization has since stopped inviting him to galas. And after, He was convinced that the producers were turning their backs on him for having dared to reveal the scandal.

The return of Brendan Fraser

We will now see it on the screen with 270 kg and we expect what the critics do by the experts. Since two years ago Fraser gave up his misfortune.

The scripts come to him with proposals totally different from what he was used to, but enriching. He returned to television with well-received roles in Trust, The Adventurecondominiumry Doom Patrol. In the cinema, it was created Behind the curtain of night there No sudden movements with Benicio del Toro.

Brendan Fraser gets a second chance. With many more kilos, but with the desire to show that it is possible to resurface in a profession as thankless as that of cinema.

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