Barcelona 2 – Juventus 2: two “messianic” goals from Dembélé lead to a draw against Juventus

DNA stuff. There are those who assure that Barça loses its La Masia characteristics with the incorporation of Robert Lewandowski, too veteran and with a different way of playing. The Polish centre-forward denies the middle finger. He maintains that his physique is much younger than his date of birth indicates.

There is no denying that he looks good. He looks like a European player, worked in German football. But, as if looking for a rejuvenating effect, Xavi started against Juventus, in the third game of the American tour, with two old friends up front. In a nearly decade-long denial of the switch, Lewandowski and Aubameyang once again shared the attack as if they were youngsters wearing the Borussia Dortmund shirt. While they wore yellow and this Tuesday at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, tied 2-2 in front of a massively dominated Barca home crowd, the Catalans wore a yellow jacket.

Although this pairing was there, Barca started with their usual genetic code, exerting total control over the midfield, without producing much. Only the blows of the Pole appeared, who does not beat around the bush and lets go of his leg as soon as he can.

The Catalan team dominated, until the Turinese pulled themselves together and seized the ball. Di María, another eternally young man, broke the defense of the culé, with the close collaboration of Cuadrado.


Dembélé’s two goals came from the right

Jeffrey McWhorter/AP

It was the row, with goal hovering around Ter Stegen’s goal, when the memory of the lost DNA returned, in a clear reincarnation of the one who so often came to the punches’ rescue. Dembélé received a pass from Dest, who had replaced Sergi Roberto, and raved about on the right wing. He imagined himself to be the personification of Messi. He knocked out three defenders and let a cross shot gracefully into Szczesny’s goal in the 33rd minute.

Just then, as the Frenchman dribbled all over, there was a deep cross from Cuadrado and Moise Kean equalized on 39. A minute later, Dembélé allowed another goal. messianic. Once again he pulled out the art and scored another goal almost as brilliant as the previous one, if not more.


Memphis Depay challenges a ball to Daniele Rugani

Jeffrey McWhorter/AP

The break came with two big sparks that covered Barca’s shortcomings and a game in which Pedri, Gavi and Ansu Fati were missed. Without knowing who Dembélé is and his situation, everyone could think that Barça have (re)signed one of the world’s biggest stars.

Pre-season game, change of steering wheel, confusion, and Kean was chasing a goal as soon as the match resumed, after a clearance from De Jong, who again appeared in the second half in the central defense position.


Barça still does not know the defeat in this American tour

Ron Jenkins/AFP

Barça, who had been deprived of the spectacle of Dembélé, recovered from the blow and took control of the match. Gavi and Pablo Torre gave mobility to the midfield. The azulgrana knocked on the door of the goal, while Pique became the boo of the public, as happened last Saturday in Las Vegas during the classic of the Americas. It is assumed that due to Latin solidarity, they charge him for breaking up with Shakira.

The azulgran tried it. Raphinha smashed a direct free kick into the crossbar from the crossbar. The rebound ended up reaching the feet of Ansu Fati, who with his right leg took a curved shot, masterfully aesthetic, which crashed into the crossbar of the crossbar. Had he been able to come in, he would have had options to rival his French colleague for the goal of the night.

Memphis Depay had the opportunity to draw in the draw, but he finished with a cane.

In Dallas, Dembélé was the good guy on the show and Pique the bad guy, according to the public’s verdict.

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