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In 2007, it arrived on the almighty Nintendo DS Against 4. A new installment of the popular Konami arcade saga that has recovered the essence of classic games on the twentieth anniversary of the first installment. A breath of fresh air with a slew of unlockables, multiplayer, and an old-school taste that reviewers and users alike loved. Since then, the franchise has taken many paths, let’s move on to the forgettable Corps of Thugsbut in none of them did they return to have leaders, Go forward. Fortunately, the Californian developer decided to return, after games like River town girls, Unrestrained mom, Shantae oh Double Neon Dragonto this path. Of course, the return remains in a spiritual approach. Proposal? spidersaurs. A sort of Run & gun with half-spider, half-dinosaur monsters which, moreover, has the creators of Against 4 in creation and development tasks. Want to know the end result? Don’t miss our analysis in his version of nintendo switch discover.

If something works…

spidersaurs has been published originally as the launch title of the platform apple arcade. The proposal puts us in the shoes of Victoria and Adrian on their mission to fix the mess caused by INGEST Corp. A macro food company that, in its quest to eliminate world hunger, creates Jurassic Park-style hybrids of dinosaurs and insects that as you can imagine, they turn against us (chistaco).

Since this is not an original title, you will allow me to start by listing the differences from the version released for mobile devices in 2019. new bossand extra levelOf difficulty modes and another couple of game modes (Speedrun and Arcade) are its main additional letters of introduction. On the other hand, there have been several settings both in the balance of bosses and in the visual section or at checkpoints.


An old-fashioned run & gun

spidersaurs begin by allowing us to choose between its two characters. While rocker/punk Victoria blasts her enemies with her guitar, aspiring cop and professional pizza chef Adrián uses his gym gear to defeat monsters. At first glance, it might seem, based on their movements, that they are clone characters. Nothing could be further from reality. Both have, beyond the ability to fire in 8 directions, with different weapons and their evolutions that appear on the screen and that we have to film in order to be able to capture. Sounds familiar, right? And it’s something that invites you to try out both characters.

Victoria and Adrián move and feel like any character from the Contra saga. And it is that we are in front a side-scrolling 2D run & gun in which everything happens very quick. Platforms, hundreds of enemies on screen and millions of shots behind us testify to this.


As intense as it is fleeting

spidersaurs has 6 levels and each has two bosses. A middle and a final. Serve these as save points which, after death, allow us to change character. On the other hand, after each death, we lose the weapon boosters obtained so far. These phases can be completed in just over 10 minutes. Something that makes the mobile origin of the title noticeable, let’s talk about it a very short game.

At the end of each level we are rewarded with a large piece of saur spider meat that our character devours immediately. Acquire, along the way, new abilities which include the double jump or the possibility ascend walls. Something that makes the the gameplay, a little blocked at the beginning, becomes more and more fluid. Fortunately, after completing the game, we are allowed to play with all skills equipped from the beginning.

On the other hand, as you can imagine, the 2-player local multiplayer This makes the adventure much more enjoyable, as usually happens in the genre that concerns us here. Doubling chaos is almost always an indicator of fun, isn’t it?

quite a challenge

The the difficulty curve is presented to us somewhat unbalanced and it is that, perhaps partly because of this somewhat less fluid gameplay at the beginning, we have levels that are much more difficult than others. Something that should not be completely inconsistent if they were not presented to us in a completely random order. We also stayed blocked in different areas. Reappearing in nooks and crannies from which it was impossible to move forward and being condemned to commit suicide to leave the last checkpoint.

Still, trial and error included, the game can be completed in a few hours. That the additional modes are limited to allowing us to start from the beginning with all the capacities or a speedrun without intros does not help too much to give depth to the whole. The simplicity menus, with almost no options at our disposal and the no language selector doesn’t help either. In our case, having the console configured in spanish I should have taken that language there it wasn’t like that. We had to play it in English. Something that, given the genre that concerns us here, hasn’t been too much of a problem either.

artistically speaking, the game is, like all WayForward titles, a real joy. The animated intro, with music and 100% 90s style, is amazing and the design of each character, and spidersaurus, has been handcrafted with great care and care. Their BSO, by the great Fijian Harumi (Tic and Tac: Rescue Rangers, Bionic Commando, Megaman III, etc.), presents us with various songs mixing metallic sounds with more classic sounds. And the result matches quite well the dynamic, intense and arcade character of spidersaurs.


Spidersaurs – a fun and frantic run & gun with a classic aftertaste

spidersaurs in a fun 2D run & gun that pays homage to genre classics like Contra, but which also manages to provide, both playable and artistic, the unique touch that only WayForward is able to provide. It may be that, despite the novelties provided compared to the original launch for mobile devices, said origin, as well as its short durationplay against him. However, its playable section is quite solid and intense. Are you a lover of the classics of the genre and want action without complications? spidersaurs it’s your game.


We analyzed Spidersaurs using a digital code provided by WayForward. Version tested: 1.0.1.


Gun Run & Spidersaurs

Spidersaurs is a title that exudes love for classic action arcades and platformers from the 80s and 90s. A fun 2D run & gun game that, yes, is short and simple.


A classic run & gun that pays homage to the saga against

Large artistic section

Solid in gameplay…


…which ends up being too simple

Very short and with few extras

Some bugs and an unbalanced difficulty curve

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