Álex can’t believe first dates when he sees Celia on her knees

No one asks for marriage on the first date except today’s dinner

Marriage is complex enough for some and very strange for others, but what happened in First dates today because of Celia He has no explanation. She was the second to arrive at the restaurant because Alex he was already there drinking a good cocktail at the bar and talking about the reasons that brought him to the dating show.

“I dedicated myself to Medication out of curiosity, I like music and I play guitar. In addition, I do acrobatic circus with aerial fabrics. I came to First dates to find my better half” commented the Sevillian in his presentation. And then Celia appeared with a very particular request “I want to find someone with whom to share My time”.

First date Celia
The proposal was just a test that Álex had to do but Celia ended up doing it.

The good connection of Álex and Celia did not go unnoticed in First Dates

Álex is one of those who believe that things don’t happen by chance. “There is a principle which is causality, which says that nothing happens just because, it can be a sign.” With this statement, the doctor made it clear that he liked his appointment both physically and his personality. On the other hand, the Portuguese made it clear to her date that she was looking for first dates.

“I’m looking for someone who fulfills me intellectually, who has ambitions and who isn’t the typical heterobasic,” Celia said. The dinner went pretty well talking about many topics but the one they agreed on the most was the musical, since she was a dancer. So many common points that left open the possibility of a second meeting.

Celia asks Alex on First Dates

Incredibly, the restaurant asked the man she had known for about half an hour. However, that was only because he had to complete the challenge by breaking one of the balloons in the private that read, “Get down on your knees and propose to your date.”

The giggles did not fail and both really appreciated the hypothetical situation which they took with a lot of humor. The chemistry between the two was so strong that even the distance was no obstacle for the two of them to go on a second date. She lives in Portugal while he lives in Seville. However, “We promise to meet again.”

While some fake their wedding, others imagine places for their honeymoon

As a first condition before arriving at the First Dates bar, Angela revealed that she is a single mother and has a son who she lives and breathes for. In other words, he wanted to make it clear that his future date must come to terms with the fact that his heir will always be first. On this very clear, the blonde approached the bar where she would be waiting for the man of the evening.

While he was enjoying a delicious cocktail, he saw Bernabé arrive. A boy who defines himself as “intense and very heavy”. The truth is that from the first contact, both were captivated. The second phase also went very well, that of the speech. The conversations were so smooth and both enjoyed a good chat.

Angela’s sexual confession makes Bernabé transparent in First Dates

At the table and dinner over, they had time to play the famous “Scratch of love”. The question was “What makes you want to do summer nights?”. The boy’s response was “A white wine on the beach at night” to which Angela reacted with a “bingo” because she likes this plan and also doing other things.

The Sevillian answered the second question, “What are your favorite places to do it in summer”. Before taking the time to respond, he smiled and revealed, “The beach…Lots of places. Going out, being in a beach bar and everything that happens…” As expected, the answer left Bernabé speechless but at the same time very excited.

Bernabé took Ángela’s last confession in First Dates as a declaration of love

The Scratch of Love didn’t end there as there was one last question the girl answered. “What sexual fantasies would you like to fulfill this summer? “Let’s get in the mud… Do it in those favorite spots from the previous question with you,” the lively diner commented enthusiastically.

If the answer to the question “What are your favorite places to do it in summer” left Bernabé speechless, the rather stated answer left the boy quite perplexed, who could only react with mischievous smiles. The issue in the final decision was left out as the chemistry answered for them.

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