UD equalize Cadiz with a superb goal from Álvaro Jiménez: 1-1 | the Palm trees

The third dress rehearsal of the summer at UD Las Palmas also ended in a draw (1-1), as had happened before against Espanyol (0-0) and Lille (2- 2). This time he was signed against Cadiz, in a friendly match that started awry with the island’s goal, but was fixed with an extraordinary goal from Álvaro Jiménez. Both actions took place before the break.

The new friendly game started late. And it was also conditioned by the strong heat of the Marbella afternoon, the two technical bodies agreeing on the hydration fraction every fifteen minutes.

UD Las Palmas continued in the same vein as the previous two games, with their vocation to grab the ball and dictate the events from possession. In the first half hour there were no relevant chances, although Cadiz eventually took the lead on a counter-attacking play from Choco Lozano. His cross found Saúl Coco’s boot in the way, which deflected the ball towards his own goal.

The reaction of the grancanarios was immediate. And in a game from left to right, Álvaro Jiménez scored a beautifully executed goal. The play was started by Moleiro, with an inside pass by Jonathan Viera. The captain of the island let the ball pass between his legs, warning of the arrival of an explosive Jiménez, who fired into the goal team of Cadiz.

In the second part, there was a flurry of changes in both teams. The game thickened and there were no clear chances in either goal. García Pimienta took advantage of this period to witness the evolution of some players with less participation like Álvaro Lemos, Julen Pérez or Alex García.

Despite the efforts of all participants, there were no more clear chances in front of the respective goals. Although the clash ended with offensive actions by García Pimienta’s players, who tried to make it 1-2 until the last game.


Cadiz: Ledesma, Iza, Fali, Juan Cala, Espino, Alarcon, Jose Mari, Pombo, Awer Mabil, Choco Lozano and Lucas Pérez

They also played: David Gil (p), Raúl Parra, Martín, Alvaro Gimenez, Osmajic, Zaldua, Alex, Negredo, Perea, Arzamendia, Chust and Luis Hernandez

UD Las Palmas: Valleys, Lever, Sidnei, Coco, Sergi Cardona, Mfulu, Loiodice, Alvaro Jimenez, Moleiro, Jonathan Viera and Marc Cardona

Also playing: Eric Curbelo, Alvaro Lemos, Alex Suarez, Pejino, Oscar Clemente, Fabio, Julen Perez and Elejalde

Goals: 1-0, m. Coco, at her door. 1-1, m. 37. Alvaro Jiménez.

Referee: Pablo Morales Moreno (Andalusian).

Match played at the Marbella Football Center

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