“Today’s young people are not well prepared”

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    Fernando Alonso, a driver who will turn 41 in the coming days and coinciding with the Hungarian Grand Prix, continues to break F1 experience records. A few weeks ago he became the driver with the longest career in history; Last Sunday at Paul Ricard, he managed to take the lead in the standings with the most race laps completed; and everything leads us to think that in a few months we will be able to speak of Alonso as the driver with the most Grand Prix races in history.

    But these are just numbers, the important thing is that Fernando’s level continues to be extremely high, despite his age and the arrival of new and talented rivals.

    Control your closest rivals

    In the French GP, Fernando’s performance stood out for his regularity in a weekend without complications unrelated to his driving, and where the requirement was largely marked by the heat. When asked if that physical wear and tear had taken a toll on the Spaniard throughout the test, Fernando was candid: “Not at all, and that’s probably why I’m 6 years old. I was faster at the start and also at the end“, underlines an Alonso on whom the years do not seem to pass, which he also added in favor of his seniority:”Young drivers are not well prepared”, emphasizing his background and his seasoned experience as a key denominator of his performance.

    He knows more as an old man than as a pilot

    I’ve done 350 races so I know what I’m doing!“, joked the Asturian, who certainly has reason to boast of his knowledge, because during his exhibition at Paul Ricard he left some masterful details to remember that show that thanks to the years Alonso is an old dog.

    We experienced one of these situations when the McLaren, from which he had not finished taking off, reduced the distance considerably, even entering the DRS zone. That’s when we heard a radio message in which Alonso claimed to intentionally close the gap, with the aim of Norris and Ricciardo overheating and degrading the wheels: “if they want to attack they will have to pay the price“, threatened a very confident Fernando Alonso.

    We can also extract this degree of wisdom derived from the experience he has ahead of the youngsters from his vision of racing dynamics for Alpine: “I think we played the race like a game of chess; we tried to get the McLarens closer to us and try to get some clean air in front of us so overall…it was a good sundayproudly concludes Fernando Alonso.

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