The silent revenge of Carolina of Monaco to Ernest of Hanover

The relationship between Caroline of Monaco and Ernesto of Hanover It has been down for over a decade. Despite the fact that the divorce never took place, there is no communication between the two, moreover, Ernesto himself seems to have rebuilt his life in Spain with Claudia Stilianopoulos, daughter of Pitita Ridruejo. With her we have seen him walking through the streets of the capital, enjoying outings and lunches, although in some controversial moments, given the character of the prince.

Alexandra from Hanover with her mother and her boyfriend. / Gtres

Although there is no contact with his wife, some sources suggest that this is due to very specific reasons. On the one hand, we must not forget that, if she divorced Ernesto, Carolina would lose the right to use the title of Princess of Hanover who, by the way, has a rank higher than that of Princess of Monaco, in addition to the royal highness treatment. To this it must be added that, if Ernesto were to remarry, another woman would hold this title and, moreover, the possibility of increasing the offspring would be open, with the complications that this would entail for the current heirs. Some sources also point out that Carolina’s reluctance to divorce has a direct bearing on her daughter Alexandra since, to secure a better inheritance, she must be Hanover’s widow upon her death. Something that is linked to the lifestyle that the aristocrat had maintained until now, capable of squandering the entire family fortune. For these reasons, the sister of Alberto of Monaco is united with the children of the Prince and avoids divorce at all costs.

Ernesto Hanover and Claudia Stilianopoulos
The head of the Guelfa house with his girlfriend Claudia. / Gtres

However, it looks like that’s not the only thing Carolina has done to “complicate” the life of Ernesto of Hanover. According to the German magazine Colored, the sister of Alberto de Mónaco has carried out a strategy that puts the head of the Güelfa house on the ropes. As the publication reveals, Carolina would have been responsible for an ambitious operation that resulted in the dismissal of Ernesto de Hannover from the Herzog von Cumberland Foundation, the person in charge of the management of the family patrimony. A fact that had dramatic consequences in the life of the Prince who, losing the presidency of the organization, also said goodbye to his joyful lifestyle, which marked the first years after the separation, In factfrom Carolina.

Ernesto of Hanover
The Prince on summer vacation. /Gthree

From now on, it is his son, Ernesto Augusto, who is at the head of the institution and although Hannover himself has already made a donation to his eldest son, he did not expect to lose complete control of it. From this moment, legal confrontations follow one another and the relationship between father and son is completely broken.

Although it has never been possible to confirm that Alberto of Monaco’s sister played an active role in this “plot”, the truth is that this maneuver left the Prince in a more than delicate situation, while his ex-partner continues to maintain the same privileges and, in addition, he maintains an exceptional relationship with Hanover’s eldest sons.

Ernesto of Hanover
Carolina of Monaco in a file image with Hannover. / Gtres

It should not be forgotten that since the marriage of Carolina and Ernesto in 1999, the situation of the couple has been marked by controversy on the part of the Prince, which has put Ernesto’s sister in a compromising situation. Albert of Monaco, to the point that it was even published that Rainier himself regretted the marriage. This controversial behavior materialized in public profanity, parties and even photos with another woman who, by the way, was a friend of Carolina. That’s what made the princess go home to her daughter.

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