Real Madrid: Benzema returns with new challenges: beating Raúl in goal, Gento in titles, six Champions Leagues, the World Cup…

VSwith the first against America of Karim Benzema, Carlo Ancelotti He will already have almost all the players of the team in place (except for the injured Carvajal). A team that lacks nothing, since the coach himself has already confirmed that there will be no more signings after the arrival of Tchouaméni y Rüdiger. The victims are not yet defined, but Madrid already have their nine ready to make their debut on the tour of the United States for a season full of challenges, as a madridista and finally as a reference for his team, and recognitions, such as the Top scorer who grants MARK or the Golden Ball.

Since Karim landed at the white club in 2009, this is the first time he has had an extra week of vacation. He also faces a so far unknown season. On the one hand, his return to the national team with the dispute over the Europe championship last summer, he changed his preparation plans as he has been used to focusing all his efforts on Madrid since was removed in 2015. Without playing France, Madrid got used to the fact that the nine will play practically without rest. This season is also added in Qatar World Cup in November, prompting Ancelotti to give the striker more time off, aware that it won’t be easy to replace him in the squad for another year.

There is no clear replacement for Benzema

Madrid bet everything on Mbappe and the signing hasn’t been released, but it doesn’t look like Madrid are heading to the market in search of nine more despite the fact he’s gone Jovic at Fiorentina and the door was opened Mariano. Ancelotti reflects false nine because when Karim is not there, that this season he can miss more games, place Hazard, Vinicius, Rodrygo or Asensio himself, if the Balearics end up staying, more and more likely.

Benzema, absolute idol in Los Angeles

Benzema will therefore start a new season like the undisputed star of the team. Like the rest of the veterans, especially modricCarlo knows that if Karim catches a cold, it won’t be easy to stop the whole team from blaming him. There is no doubting the reliability of the Frenchman, who takes care of himself like the best and barely gets injured, but a more than likely scenario is that France will go far in Qatar since it is one of the big favourites, and as he confessed Antonio Pintus, all internationals are going to need a break. Thus, the player has not been jostled on his return to the panorama that is offered to him.

Benzema is undoubtedly facing a very special year at Madrid. This will be his thirteenth season, but the first in which he will win the Pichichi which accredits him as LaLiga’s top scorer and his first Ballon d’Or. For most of the soccer world, Karim had already come out of the pools for the best player in the world award, but he rebelled against everyone and earned the award. League Champion, Champions, where he was also top scorer with 15 goals, 44 in total in 46 games. Even Messi admitted there was no discussion this time.

Karim’s new challenges

But for this season, of which he will already be the first captain with the departure of Marcelo, although he has already been on the pitch last year, Karim also has many challenges to meet. As always, titles with Madrid, a sixth Champions he would face Gento with. With 22 titles, you can reach 23 gale and even equal to Marcellowho left Madrid as the player with the most titles in the club’s history, with 25. He will also beat Raúl as the second-highest goalscorer in club history, now tied with 323 goals. He will return to the charge of his second top scorerwith a vibrant duel looming with Lewandowski.

This is how Benzema received his Real Madrid teammates in Los Angelesreal Madrid

And then there’s the World Cup dream and his role in the national team. Since his return, The fields He gave him stripes and he responded with goals. Despite the strength of the phenomenon in Mbappé, during the last Euro (four goals in four games), in the final phase of the Nations League (two goals in two games) and on the way to the World Cup (three goals in five games) show that he was the most important player. This campaign wants to confirm its reign in the worldnow that they are finally leaving him.

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