PlayStation VR2 will have cinematic mode, games transmission and more: here’s how they will work

As the output of PlayStation VR2Sony offers more details on its next generation virtual reality glasses. In February of this year, we met his final designNow is the time to go further.

japanese society posted on his official blog a series of images and a video that immerse us in the experience of using the PlayStation VR2 and some of its functions, such as the exterior view, game transmission and more.

A first look at the PS VR2 experience

Let’s start with an interesting feature. It is “outside view“. This will allow us to see the environment around us when we wear the glasses. This can be very useful, for example, to know where we left the controls.

How does this feature work? Sony explains that Exterior Vision acquires images of the environment thanks to the cameras integrated into the glasses. It can be activated by pressing a physical function button on the headset or through the control center.

PS Vr 2 2022 2

Sony has also introduced an alternative to streaming gameplay with PS VR2. If you connect an HD camera to the console you can include the image captured by it in your transmission. So, as the company explains, your viewers will be able to see your movements while you play, as seen in the image featured in this article.

There are also news related to the game area, a very important aspect when immersing yourself in a virtual reality experience. The PS VR2, through the PS VR2 Sense commands and the integrated cameras, will allow us to scan our game room.

But it will not be a static area. As you can see in the video, we can use the commands to customize the play area depending on our needs and the space we have, is that we do not all have rooms of the same size.

How will this impact the gaming experience? Basically, it’s where we can move around in our physical space. So when we play and approach the limit of the defined area, we will receive a warning not to collide with furniture.

Finally, the firm indicated that in VR mode, you can enjoy the game content in a 360° view in a virtual environment. Content will be displayed in HDR video format up to 4000 x 2040 at 90/120 Hz.

PS Vr 2 2022 3

In cinematic mode, we will be able to see the PS5 system and the user interface, as well as all the normal game and multimedia content, on a virtual cinema screen. Cinematic mode content will be displayed in a 1920 x 1080 HDR video format at 24/60/120 Hz.

If you already want to try this new accessory to extend the gaming experience, you will have to wait a little longer. Sony says the launch is “getting closer”, but doesn’t provide an exact date or price. Of course, we know they will only work with the PlayStation 5.

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