NieR: Automata’s Secret Church Mystery Is Shaking The Internet And Nobody Knows How To Solve It

That Yoko Taro is prone to surprises in her games comes as no surprise to anyone. NieR: Automata, the Japanese director’s most acclaimed work, is one of the great sensations of the summer for the community. A user on Reddit posted that he grabbed at the Cité Copie church, an area to which no official access is known. The madness has been such in the community that no one knows how he could find it. Reality or fake? We tell you everything we know.

The Case of the Copy City Church at NieR: Automata

It all started just two months ago, when a Reddit user named u/sadfutago asked on an in-game channel if there was a way for his friend to open the Copy City Church. He did not receive a response until a month later, when he returned to respond provide the first proof of his prowess.

The user, as seen on their TV, does something as simple as going to the church facade and opening it with normal interaction. No more no less. The community began looking for answers to their operating mode. Some doubted its credibility pointing out that it could be an elaborate mod for the PC version, but this option was excluded due to the impossibility of modifying the game at such a level. That, or the user we are referring to is a programming genius that a top studio should sign.

NieR: Automata fans have been going crazy looking for a way to open up this area, but only u/sadfutago could. This Tuesday, July 26 shared the video the whole Church. Upon reaching the chapel, a video scene is activated pointing to what appears to be the grave of a familiar character, which we won’t reveal in the play so as not to fall into the plot.

Lance McDonald, known on Twitter for his contacts in the world of Japanese video games, made a thorough examination of the material. “It is not yet possible to modify Nier Automata in this way, in case anyone thinks it is not real”, Explain. Note that the small arrows above objects and doors are disabled in the user video, which is strange because it is not possible to remove it.

Part of the community alludes to the fact that this material can be part of a promotional campaign carried out by the Square Enix team promote reservations of the edition of Nintendo switchwhat is planned its launch on October 6. Others, on the other hand, allude to the fact that it would be part of the deleted content restored thanks to a development kit. u/sadfutago shared that this is the PS4 version. Is it the game’s biggest discovery or a campaign to make it go viral years after it arrived? We will know more soon.

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