Miki Nadal asks his girlfriend, Helena Aldea, “with a ring and two croquettes of Pedroche”


Surrounded by friends, he wanted to “seal our love with a ring and two Pedroche croquettes”

Miki Nadal and Helena Aldea, in an image from last winter.
Miki Nadal and Helena Aldea, in an image from last winter.GTRES

Miguel Nadal Fourriel, best known in the world of entertainment and television as mickey nadal, born in Zaragoza in 1967, asked marriage with his girlfriend,Helene Cote, just a few months after announcing that become a father again.

He did it surrounded by friends and in the same place where they met And with special thanks to his colleague and friend Christina Pedroche.

Three years after his complicated divorce from Carola Escmez, mother of his daughter Carmela, the presenter has found love again and decided return to the altar.

Nadal shared the moment on Instagram with a photo of the request and a message in which there is a certain dose of his characteristic humor: “Today, exactly two years and a month ago, Helena and I met at StreetXO Today it is closing to move to a new location and there couldn’t be a better place and in front of all of our friends who were there that day and are still with us today where I asked her to marry me to seal our lovewith a ring and two Pedroche croquettes, the same name with which we designate the little one who is on the way… our kibble”.

In his message, Nadal adds: “We are very happy and I think it shows clearly on our faces. Thanks to all of you who are happy for us. We love you!!!”

Many friends replied to the message, including colleagues and former colleagues from the programs zap and of I know what you did. For instance, Angel Martin, Anna Simon, Lorena CastellMaya Pixelskaya, Boticaria Garca, Chenoa, Valeria Ros, Roberto Leal, Arturo González Campos.

and his Christina Pedroche, that Miki cites in his text and who is the one who matchmaker exercise of the “I’m dying of love” couple, the presenter said with lots of hearts. By the way, Helena asked Pedroche to be her daughter’s godmother.

Another who also congratulated the couple was the sports journalist Juanma Castao, Miki’s inseparable friend since they coincided and won together Celebrity MasterChef. “Vamossssssss!!!! Damn I had the news in front of me and I didn’t even realize it!!!!! Long live love!!!!” Castao wrote that last week he was with Helena and Miki and su native Gijn.

Helena Aldea is from Alicante and, although she has a degree in journalism, she has your own fashion business, the Capriche store, founded with her sister, Ángeles Aldea, and whose image is Paula Echevarra, Mónica Naranjo or Cristina Pedroche herself, among others.

Miki Nadal lived in the Zaragoza town of Pedrola until the age of five, when he moved with his family to Zaragoza, where the college began to study law until he had to leave her to do his military service.

He married Carola Escmez on June 21, 2014, although the couple divorced in 2019 and he later became sentenced for a crime of humiliation against her. According to Nadal’s own statements in various interviews and television programs, He has an IQ of 139. being in turn a member of the Mensa High Capacity Association.

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