“I want to win everything with Barca and be happy”

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The Brazilian has an infectious smile that exudes joy, the typical Brazilian joy that Camp Nou loves so much.

‘Xavi asks me to be the same player who brought me here,’ he explains of his relationship with the coach

Raphinha smiles in each of the images requested by Valentí Enrich, SPORT’s special correspondent photographer during Barça’s tour of the United States.. Slowly, professionally and always attentive to the demands of the ‘fotero’, as those behind the camera are called in journalistic jargon, the Brazilian is delighted to be part of the Blaugrana expedition. Two games, two goals and four assists precede it. Introductions are no longer necessary.

How do you imagine your debut at Camp Nou?

To win, to win, to score goals if possible, to give my best. I hope to have a good game. If I score, very good, if not very good too, but I hope to start on the right foot at Camp Nou to give confidence for the rest of the year.

With the right foot (in his case the left), the pre-season began. He has already put the fans in his pocket.

I love being able to give joy in such a short time. That’s what I say everywhere I go: I always try to adapt as quickly as possible, I try to give the best of myself in every training session, in every game, to be able to give a lot of joy to supporters. It makes me very happy that they are happy with what I show.

And win titles.

My goal is to win the championship, the Champions League, to win the Cups, the Club World Cup (I want to win everything with Barça). And, therefore, by gaining all of this, you end up being very happy. My goal is to win many titles with Barça.

What does Xavi ask him?

He asks me to be the player who brought me here, a player who is a fighter, who is happy, who has fun when it is necessary to have fun, but who is focused on the right moment, a player who still beats for the club.

I guess I didn’t know the younger ones so well. What do you think of this new batch of footballers?

There is not one in particular that stood out to me because they all have a lot of quality, (the youngsters) have incredible potential, that’s why they are Barça players. Barca have the best and I’m confident the team is in good hands with these young players and an incredible future.

By the way, have you ever been to Barcelona?

I had come once to visit my family. I have friends here and we came to visit them.

His father, a professional musician, is a friend of Ronaldinho.

Yes, Ronaldinho is a friend of my father. I don’t have much contact with him. That yes, after everything he’s been through here, I wanted to come and be able to tell my own story, just like he did his. Besides, Barcelona is an incredible city and Barça is an incredible club, the best in the world. A club that must always fight for the most important titles. I came here to write history and win titles.

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