How to Rotate and Flip a Video in Adobe Premiere Pro

When shooting video, it’s important to keep a consistent shooting style and make sure everything is at the angle we need for editing. But there are times when we may edit several different video clips which have different angles, and you will need to rotate them in the right direction. Today, Premiere is considered one of the best video editors for professionals. If we are starting to use it or want to start using it, it is not too much to start with some simple adjustments such as video rotation.

To be able to rotate our videos with Premiere, the first thing we need is to have the Adobe application installed on our computer. If we don’t have it, we have to pay a subscription of 24.19 euros per month to be able to use it. If we want to test it before, we can download a 7 day trial version with all its functions activated.

Steps to rotate a video with Premiere

The first thing we need to do is open Premiere and create a new project. To do this, click on the “File” tab then on “New” and “Project” or use the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + Alt + N”. Once added, we drag the video file onto the timeline. Since

video rotation

Later we need to mark the video in the timeline panel. From there, we will see the video displayed in its entirety in its preview panel at the top right. We will also be able to move the clip forward and backward. As can be seen in the image, the video is recorded poorly and despite the fact that it was recorded vertically when played, it appears horizontally, so we are interested in being able to rotate it. To do this, in the left panel of the section effect controlswe are looking for the option Movement and unfold the panel. This will bring up a series of functions, among which, the one that interests us is that of Spinfound in the middle of the panel.

Premiere Pro add video to timeline

Here we need to enter the desired degree to flip the video. Typing 180 will rotate the video up and down, while typing 90 can rotate it clockwise, and typing 270 will rotate it clockwise again. There is also no need to rotate videos in full 90 degree increments. If our video was slightly crooked, you can straighten the horizon by entering a smaller number. We can try rotating it a few degrees to check the result until we find the correct shape so that it stays completely.

Rotate Premiere Pro

Once the video is rotated, we will find black sections of the screen where the image is misaligned with the frame. It is possible to increase the Ladder video in panel effect controls to increase the size of the video in the frame and remove the black, hiding the fact that the image has been completely rotated.

At any time we can restore the established parameters by clicking on the icon on the right, so that we can leave the video again as it was at the beginning.

Make the flip horizontal or vertical

If you want to flip horizontally or vertically, you can use the transform effect to quickly flip 180 degrees. To do this, we go to the Effects panel located in the right column. Here we double click on the Video Effects column and then double click on Transform. In this section we will find the function we are interested in, as Horizontal flip. Now just click, drag and drop on the video located on the timeline for the flip to happen automatically. We can check this directly in the preview panel.

Premiere Pro flipped horizontally

In the video effects that we find in the Transform folder, we can also be interested in the function of flipped vertically. This flips the active layer vertically, i.e. top to bottom. Does not change layer dimensions or pixel information. The steps to perform it are the same and you have to drag and drop it onto the video we added to the timeline so that it performs the action automatically. The final result can be viewed again in the preview menu.

Premiere Pro flipped vertically

How to record a rotated video

Once we have rotated our video, we will have placed it in the desired direction so that we can now save it. The process is not as simple as hitting the save key, as some additional steps will need to be done first. We will do this by clicking on the “File” tab and selecting “Export” from its options, then from its export options we will choose “Media”. It is also possible to access it directly with its keyboard shortcut, “Ctrl + M”.

Premiere Pro export and media

Once done, a new window will open with the “Export Settings”, an important section to configure the final quality of the clip. Now we set both the desired quality of the video based on the quality of the original video and the location to save the file. We can choose between different formats such as AVI, GIF, MPEG4, etc., in a large drop-down list. We can also choose source scale, from which we can choose scale to fit, scale to fill, and stretch and fill. We will automatically check for changes in the built-in viewer. In addition, we can adjust video and audio codecs, as well as subtitles in case the video includes them. Once everything is ready, click “Export”.

Premiere Pro Export Rotated File

In this way, the rotated video will be saved after some time. This time will vary depending on the computer configuration, length and quality of the video.

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