how to prepare it and know if it really works

Myth or fact: does rice water beat the best shampoos by far? It doesn’t take long for this ingredient to be considered one of the best ways to grow hair as well as keeping it healthy and strong. Although the rice water is also an oriental secret for the beauty and youthfulness of the complexionusing it on your hair seems like a very useful tool if you want to improve the consistency of your hair.

Benefits of rice water on hair

If so much is recommended rice water in the hair, who has advantages? It is a technique frequently used in East Asia —there is a village called Huang Luo where women are known for their extremely long and natural hair, manicured hair is rice water only.

Make this ingredient your home treatment will bring very good results rice water is rich in minerals and amino acids, even that will give greater strength to the hair and protect it against external damage.

Although rice water does not prevent your hair from falling out, this helps prevent more hair from falling out than desired (but you must accompany it with other treatments for this problem). Thanks to its content rich in proteins do it hair shines naturally and look extremely healthy, giving the appearance of greater volume.

How to make rice water for hair

In addition to doing these 3 rice masks that will change your lifeprepare quickly and easily rice water for hair, the same who will leave you mane like new and will remedy any kind of affliction you have in your hair.

  1. Rinse one cup of white rice, then squeeze to remove excess water.
  2. Add the rice to a bowl with 250 ml of water and leave to stand for two hours (or more).
  3. Strain the rice through a colander, keeping the remaining water in the bowl.
  4. to put the rice water in a mason jar, cover it with the lid and let it sit at room temperature for 24 hours or a period of time that allows it to ferment.
  5. Once fermented, place the mason jar in the fridge and you can use the mixture for up to a week.
  6. Add drops of lavender or rosemary oil to remove strong odors from rice water.

When using rice water on your hair, focus on the scalp then moves on to the rest of the hair, making sure to cover all corners. Let the water act five minutes in the hair then rinse.

Avoid frequent use of rice water on your hair. You can apply it for 10 days and at the end let it rest; then continue to use it a few times a week instead of daily, it will prevent your hair from becoming dry or weak from excess protein.

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