Fernando Alonso and his “game” with McLaren and Lando Norris on the radio: The hesitation is sublime!

The French Grand Prix It left many protagonists and more things you haven’t seen yet. Max Verstappen emerged victorious on the circuit Paul Ricardincreasing the advantage in the Formula 1 World Cup 2022 on Charles Leclerc after its abandonment.

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It was better for his partner carlos sainz in the race, since the Spanish driver started nineteenth and reached fifth place despite another setback by Ferrari . Meanwhile, his compatriot Fernando Alonso finished just behind -sixth- and left an incredible joke to Lando Norris and his team, fully discovered Victor Abad in ‘Code F1’.

He was turning on lap 28 when the Spaniard received this message by radio from one of Alpine’s engineers: “Norris is 1.1 seconds behind”. “Okay, well…it’s a long race. If they want to fight, they’ll pay the price, so I think I have to do my own race,” Fernando Alonso replied then, receiving approval with an “understood”. .

The tension of the French team was mounting: “Norris did 39.3 in the last lap. He gained some time in the third sector”. Still, the Asturian rider revealed his strategy: “Yes, no problem. I want them very close so they can kill their tyres.”

McLaren goes on alert

2022-03-12 Norris McLaren F1 Formula 1

X-rays are like secrets revealed from team to team. After Fernando Alonso’s response to Alpine, McLaren had concerns about Lando Norris’ tires just a lap later deciding to change plans: “Ok Landro (Norris), we are happy with what you are doing. How are the tires?”.

“No pace, but the wheels are fine,” revealed the British driver. The team didn’t understand everything and always insisted on the same theme: “Ok Lando, good job with the tyres. Be careful not to spin the rear wheels. We will focus on the finish”.

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Fernando Alonso passes the game

Fernando Alonso, Canadian GP, ​​June 17, 2022

Alpine again informed Fernando Alonso that Lando Norris was not going to shoot to reach the momentary sixth position he had in the race: “On the last lap you were 3 tenths faster than Norris”.

“Yes, he understood the game. Now we will have ten laps of peace”, concluded the Spanish driver as a small laugh was felt after this sublime hesitation from his former teammate at McLaren.

Fernando Alonso didn’t have the pace to fight with those at the top so he had to maintain his underdog position and that was one of the strategies he used as the oldest on the grid. Formula 1.

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